Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Coexistence of elegance and cool BLACK CROCO watch

Senior falanmule FRANCK MULLER watch brand from Geneva and a series of painstaking work-Black Croco advent, that is favored for its unique fashion. As a magnificent masterpiece of rare table altar, breaking the integration of unique ideas and avant-garde fashion, becoming a veritable fashion watch indicators. CEO 3 Cabinet table

T-BLK BLACK CROCO Tourbillon 8880 CRO

T-BLK BLACK CROCO Tourbillon 8880 CRO

Elegant, inventive, falanmule creativity not seen previously will be supporting actress-alligator watch strap-phase for the main character, crocodile skin patterns highlight the luxurious atmosphere of perfect stretch to the entire watch, introduced a new Black Croco Tourbillon and crazy time series, it is amazing.

8880 CH BLK BLACK CROCO crazy time CRO

Black Croco Tourbillon flywheel, crazy time and automatically wrist table are to brand classic of Cintr é e Curvex wine barrels type table shell new played translation, was amazing of design creative will crocodile skin strap of pattern way extends to table shell and surface disc, let strap and wrist table between of associated sex more coordination, not only created out was stunning of new Visual effect, while more let wine barrels type table shell in elegant zhiwai added has avant-garde of fashion sense, and fitting wrist of arc table shell line, is let wrist table wearing more comfortable.

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Black Watch elegant Tourbillon falanmule crocodile fashion strap

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