Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Coexistence of elegance and cool BLACK CROCO watch

Senior falanmule FRANCK MULLER watch brand from Geneva and a series of painstaking work-Black Croco advent, that is favored for its unique fashion. As a magnificent masterpiece of rare table altar, breaking the integration of unique ideas and avant-garde fashion, becoming a veritable fashion watch indicators. CEO 3 Cabinet table

T-BLK BLACK CROCO Tourbillon 8880 CRO

T-BLK BLACK CROCO Tourbillon 8880 CRO

Elegant, inventive, falanmule creativity not seen previously will be supporting actress-alligator watch strap-phase for the main character, crocodile skin patterns highlight the luxurious atmosphere of perfect stretch to the entire watch, introduced a new Black Croco Tourbillon and crazy time series, it is amazing.

8880 CH BLK BLACK CROCO crazy time CRO

Black Croco Tourbillon flywheel, crazy time and automatically wrist table are to brand classic of Cintr é e Curvex wine barrels type table shell new played translation, was amazing of design creative will crocodile skin strap of pattern way extends to table shell and surface disc, let strap and wrist table between of associated sex more coordination, not only created out was stunning of new Visual effect, while more let wine barrels type table shell in elegant zhiwai added has avant-garde of fashion sense, and fitting wrist of arc table shell line, is let wrist table wearing more comfortable.

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Black Watch elegant Tourbillon falanmule crocodile fashion strap

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Bring you come to watch all the big Introduction to style watches

In the early 20th century when prestigious watch brands and there is nothing called "getting started with style," said. Each a small number of products are for the United States of noble service, such watches were smart, flashy decorations in vogue for a long, long time, people simply do not use the precious time.

Bring you come to watch all the big

1. Cartier (Cartier)

Two world wars and national liberation movements across the globe, coupled with the rise of the new rich in the Western world after World War II, the old aristocratic forces still retain their original titles, they have wealth and power have been much less than before. Those making premium watch brands have been losing their former stable customer base. Table not many people could afford, such factories have been closed? Bow down, and will destroy the century-old heritage of the brand? Difficult choice, and not changed without conclusion.

By 1973, another huge changes in the Western world, the new changes. The change from the older watchmakers Cartier jewelry began. Mr Perrin and Mr Hocq faithful to the traditional style at the same time, genius to create a new "Must" concept, determined to face the increasingly young and not very rich customers, launched gold-plated quartz movement watches, leather goods, writing instruments, fragrances, and other diversified products, overall a more friendly face touched every person in the world. Meanwhile, global Cartier chains are beginning to take shape. Cartier used the first positive ways to deal with the "Quartz revolution" impact. (Want to know "the quartz revolution" of Switzerland over a deep blow to the traditional watchmaking. ) Final overall victory for the Cartier, was seen by outsiders as by falling price moves, brought huge profits to the company. Noble disappeared, more and better off people are willing to pay for something slightly more expensive to spend some money. At this time, "Introduction to styles", "products" and other concepts have appeared, prototype of the modern luxury industry is built.

Understanding from the surface, each brand's "Introduction to styles" is the product prices in the cheapest brand of style. But to watch, things are not so simple.

As the threshold of brand watches, who shoulders the burden of heavy! Their prices are relatively low, and a brand of culture is often the most. To show a goodwill gesture, so that as many people can afford it, both from mainstream style and even gourmet style origin, and openly reflected the huge gap between them. When consumers "getting started with style" customers has been a qualitative leap in the economic conditions, as if they possessed loyalty in consumer products at a higher level. Brand's ultimate goal at the moment is reached. So cheap just "getting started with style" surface, accurately convey the spirit brands to people is the ultimate task. This introduced 15 "entry style", it is from 15 mainstream of heavyweight brand portal, has a distinct representation.

Sanders Santos series stainless steel quartz watch standards.

Exterior styling is popular, and even called "white collar watch of choice", do not believe you can go to Hong Kong, Tokyo, white-collar workers gathered in the city to see for myself. Table styling have been established as early as 1904, elegant yet vibrant, watch behind the story politely and moving about the world Aviation pioneers. Stainless steel jewelry-grade radiance and manufacturing precision, most critical is the price was reasonable.

2. Rolex (Rolex)

Skymaster Air King series.

Rolex is the cheapest product series, has retail price not exceeding 30000 Yuan. Cheap are the main reasons this styles does not send to Switzerland official Observatory (C.O.S.C.) to do authentication, save a small certification fee. Rolex facts show, unlicensed Skymaster series in no way inferior to the other through the certification of series, Skymaster series but also by countries sought after Rolex junior player.

3. Bulgari (Bvlgari)

Carbongold series limited Special Edition quartz chronograph.

Perhaps it is the most inexpensive watches Bulgari, Bulgari is the most difficult to watch. Style is always limited to three precious metals colors, 2,997 people who are eligible to purchase it is Bulgari's VIP customers in the previous year. Bulgari with the help of this half-buy half-send form upward a year worldwide brand support nearly 3,000 customers saying thanks!

4. Patek (Patek Philippe)

Kalazhuohua series Ref.5119 Calatrava. Tag Heuer CARRERA watch from tradition to

Its predecessor, the--Ref.3919 is the most simple function table by table fans and respected by, and further perfected Ref.5119. Although the price is the lowest in the entire Patek system category, but its users covers almost all of the top people in the world.

5. Runge (A.Lange &Sohne)

Langematik series calendar.

This watch are still expensive, but other styles are a lot cheaper than Langer. Cause all Lange watches are using noble metal materials, so even the introductory paragraph has built of gold body. In addition to the large calendar, second hand return to zero function also has an instant, user-friendly time.

6. Chopin (Chopard)

Mille Miglia series racing form.

Famous 1,000-mile vintage car race in Europe specially developed. Rubber (information, quotes) strap is designed to look like a tread. Automatic mechanical chronograph movement, fine polished stainless steel case.

7. the universal form (IWC)

Portofino Portofino series automatic watch.

Dial design exception is simple, without dragging its feet and has two stainless steel and precious metals. Stainless steel is the cheapest in the world's top dress form, a lot of people it is through this experience to the universal spirit of the brand and the top field of watches.

8. the Tissot (Tissot)

T-Touch series of dazzling titanium multifunction watch.

It itself was not started with the Tissot brand (slightly higher prices), but a lot of Switzerland are interested in watch enthusiasts as Switzerland started with clocks. Titanium metallic light solid, polished bright, pleasant after, coupled with amazing six contacts function, it is a practical and beautiful and very skillfully combines the unique table.

9. Amy (Maurice Lacroix)

Ben Tao Pontos series automatic calendar.

In many introductory table of price, this table has a strong competitive edge and high price – mechanical operation stability, design has Germany table of sedate, yet Switzerland table area.

10. the Breguet (Breguet)

Type XX chronograph stainless steel.

Breguet brands priced at a minimum of one series, but Breguet with traditional appearance and meticulous. Not only has a practical chronograph function, you can also enjoy the "coin fringing" case and tempting spherical Sapphire Crystal glass.

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Styles brand series entry watch watch Cartier big price

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Tribute to film scenes in Hamilton award

Tribute to film scenes in Hamilton

Academy Award-winning actor Sean Penn attended the Hamilton Unsung Hero award

This weekend, star-studded Hollywood will welcome another heavyweight feast of the year – from the famous watch brand Hamilton held in conjunction with the La confidential magazine 2011 fifth Unsung Hero award. At that time, will be 10 outstanding film workers in including the best props, best makeup award 10 prizes to gain the "unsung hero" award, also will be held prior to the unveiling of "Hamilton short film contest" title.

Tribute to film scenes in Hamilton

Sharon Stone appeared in Hamilton Unsung Hero award

This event will be presided over by Hollywood star yisaa·musitafa, including comedian Jon Hamm, actor Robert Pattinson, Harrison Ford, Director Michael Bay and many other a-list Hollywood star will attend the ceremony and the awards, a table for their unsung hero tribute.

Tribute to film scenes in Hamilton

Hamilton behind the triangle Award trophy is based on the brand's most famous watches-evolved adventure

Although it has been converted to "Switzerland" made, this 1892 "born in" the United States brands as early as 1951, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a small town associated with Hollywood, in an Academy Award nomination that year in the film the frogmen, the Navy Diving heroes were played by actors wearing a Hamilton Watch. Then in Elvis Presley's blue Hawaii: adventure, 2001: a space Odyssey, the Pearl Harbor of the miracle of Santa Ana the Superman, the Hulk, including just before domestic hit of the women I know, soon to be released, such as men in black 3 ' more than 400 volumes of frequently Hollywood film debut.

Tribute to film scenes in Hamilton

In the miracle of Santa Ana HAMILTON khaki field watches

In front of the big-screen fame, but has not lost sight of the brand behind the scenes heroes. And it is in this process, Hamilton discovered that a film's success and money, in addition to actors active in front of the screen, is more quietly working behind the scenes staff. An additional clothing or accessories can add weight for the role, or even entire episodes through the vital clue. In 2003, Hamilton founded the "Hollywood's Unsung Hero Award" to recognize outstanding costume active behind the scenes, stylists. Today, the award had to break through the range of wardrobe and stylist, covering a series of scenes in the film making process.

Tribute to film scenes in Hamilton

Pulsomatic prototype launched in 2010 in the black creative debut

As Han Milton Matthias Breschan, global President explained the significance of this activity, said: "this is a tribute! "Hamilton, through this award, not only to those efforts of the film's scenes to express our deep respect and gratitude, but also on the entire film industry and expressed his respect.

Ventura in MIB in the adventure series the man in black wearing a

This year's award, awards in ten categories, movie cover already released the film, or at the Cannes, Toronto, Venice and other festivals as well as the United States exhibiting the film in the Australian Film Institute Award.

 true grit Award (best director award) Right time frame right wrist

 best producer

 best screenplay

 best photographers

 best art direction

 best costume design

 Award for best props

 best stunt performers

 Award for best makeup effects

 best clips

 Hamilton video contest winners

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Hamilton film awards pay tribute to Hollywood behind the scenes watch Sean Penn the man in black