Sunday, August 28, 2016

IWatch sold well Switzerland play out what patterns

Not know from what when began, Apple to March intelligent wrist table field of wind also is increasingly is, also increasingly God, what jobs of posthumous, what landmark of iWatch, what phone and watches of double end who, what can wear equipment of eventually form, in IT territories used of "made God movement", is fly as to from United States Silicon Valley scraping to has Switzerland Jura Valley. When AppleWatch there at the time of the Apple store, was only discovered in make clocks practitioners turn pale, put a few luxury goods Giants have invested heavily in the research and development product is by no means the "expensive" the little square, but was then "Quartz crisis" after the baptism, entire Switzerland watchmaking market acumen and strong sense of crisis. Fiyta x Ma Sichun bloom Chinese Valentine s day

IWatch sold well? Switzerland play out what patterns

Continue mechanical watch technology life

Universal Connect system

In not change traditional mechanical table based structure of based Shang development wrist table of additional function, let its intelligent of and digital, this is universal of should measures, more is let has purchase universal table of customer hand in of products hedge and value-added of best programme, through a can sewing in strap Shang of round sensor, table master not only can monitoring himself of movement parameter, and sleep quality, also can for future real networking system provides technology node, and this sets simple of small annex, will first appeared in universal table its head maximum of "large pilots "On the series, as new products volume reduction in the future, it will appear on the smaller Portofino and engineer, additional more specialized functions, and for the price, I think it should be close to free.

IWatch sold well? Switzerland play out what patterns IWatch sold well? Switzerland play out what patterns

Real killer application

Bulgari Diagono Magnesium

Exclusive Butler service is at the top of the mobile phone market in the Vertu and Hanmac such sky-high brand raison d ' ĂȘtre. So, deep know this road of top jewelry brand treasure Gurley moves has, they and Switzerland top digital security and store company WISeKey joint development has Magnesium system, carrying in has Bulgari its most bold of wrist table series Diagono Shang, called real of "wrist Shang Vault", in confusion Zhijian collection has most security of NFC near field communications technology, will access card, and car key, and electronic notes and data secret key, function thaw for a furnace, A seemingly ordinary watches have a very useful feature and status of new channels. Aluminum casing, precious metal bezel with Diagono rubber strap series high society in Europe with a wide range of fans, most suitable for closed systems, high-end positioning, exclusive services and those "years behind" draw a line of electronic products.

IWatch sold well? Switzerland play out what patterns

Have been served, never wanted to play

Breitling B55 Connected

Dang global fruit powder are in praised Apple of intelligent wrist table project avant-garde and practical of when, Centennial spirit carrying has radio call device of professional climbing table has in more than 10 years of time in save has dozens of a life has, dang Apple of engineers also in racked wondering expand intelligent watches function of when, has mechanical pointer and double row digital displayed of Centennial spirit wrist table has in global pilots hand Shang served good years has. This year of Basel table exhibition Shang, this focused Yu flight table for decades years of Switzerland independent tab brand released has second generation intelligent flight table, not only has Shang generation of years calendar, and more time zone displayed, and electronic speed meter, and countdown and positive timing, and flight timing, and conversion sliding feet outside, more can through phone App achieved on Shi and function operation, battery can stable work number a months and support USB interface charging. Digital enthusiasts might question the latest B55 Connected does not have a built-in GPS module, but Breitling can rightly explained: we only for professional pilot services, any flight safety whistles are not allowed. This force, instantly get rid of AppleWatch a few blocks.

IWatch sold well? Switzerland play out what patterns

From the strap on save


If universal is deliberately keeping customers, then with MONTBLANC is belongs to the Richemont group in borrow Smart Watch Dongfeng nibble away at other sites. Wan Bao long, earlier this year launched a e-strap smart strap, given the necessity and convenience of replacement strap, its audience was almost all mechanical watches players. This and traditional strap Butterfly buckle size approximate of things equipment has 0.9 inches of monochrome OLED touch screen, can displayed calls, and mail, and SMS, and calendar, support social media message and the alarm clock of vibration reminded, and with daily meter step function, through Bluetooth 4.0 and phone connection, more must of is, except support Ann Zhuo system outside, it even can and Apple of IOS system interconnected, 250 euro of price, and excellent of waterproof performance, and five days of range power and MONTBLANC tall Shang of brand value, Richemont the real war to Silicon Valley.

IWatch sold well? Switzerland play out what patterns

Silicon Valley shakes hands with Valley of the Jura

Constance Motion x

Switzerland watch making big three swatch, and Richemont and LVMH, for working with Silicon Valley high-tech companies to be lukewarm, while Tag Heuer announced in a high profile this year with Intel to produce Smart Watch, people with discerning eyes can see it, both sides are testing the reaction of the market. This precisely to has some independent tab brand group a corners overtaking of opportunities, scale and body volume are cannot and "three big" compared of Constance Deng Group on first and Silicon Valley intelligent movement watches development company Fullpower together, established has a called MMT of intelligent watches company, and which years Qian on began for Nike, and Samsung, Enterprise provides solution programme, has sleep monitoring, and intelligent sensor, near hundred items patent. Rapaciousness has moved very quickly, not only its dress form brand rapaciousness and sport brands Ai Peile (Alpina) have introduced the corresponding table, drew Switzerland railway professional chronograph brand iron sheets (Mondaine). All three watches with quartz movement, automatically when automatic switching time zones, real-time tracking, and sleep quality, with event reminders and cloud backup and recovery functions. The biggest feature of this system is guaranteed to watch the actual show and decorative at the same time, able to guarantee two years of not charging battery life, battery performance after explosive AppleWatch.


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Monday, August 22, 2016

Traffic myth and bar iron test line or at the end of this month were removed


Recently, news that in Qinhuangdao on a Pakistan railway 300 m test segment, bar iron had pulled out of the shed, moored at a distance of 50 m at the first stop, the whole body to show on the outside, test sections of fence wall.

In April this year, BA rail technology and Qinhuangdao city people's Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement, to be held in Qinhuangdao city construction "BA iron" projects research and Development Center. The cooperation term deadline is August 31, 2016, tried to run after the expiration of prior consultation. During the term of cooperation, Beidaihe district station village, fumin road test lines free for bar iron.

In recent months, "BA iron" tested at Beidaihe, Qinhuangdao city, Hebei province, attracted media attention, but also suffered from public opinion to question. Question there are three main aspects:

Projects approved by the Government Kenzo iPhone 6 Kenzo case

Legality of fundraising

Technical feasibility

Earlier, several media, including Xinhua News Agency, on the Israeli-Palestinian projects reported that Lei feng's network (search for "Lei feng's network", public interest) has on the life of Pakistan's rail project, and the driving force behind and facing the multi-faceted analysis of the technical problems. Comprehensive description of the various media, concludes Qinhuangdao and Beidaihe district authorities do not understand "BA iron" project bar iron project approval is a tourist project, is not a transportation project; in addition, the "bar of iron" in the floor uncertain on available for sale financial project fundraising, the suspicion of illegal fund-raising; technical feasibility is "BA iron" was an important reason for questioning. Seen as "BA iron" faces, higher body weight, power limited and difficult turns, passenger escape difficult issues such as oppression, the bottom of the vehicle.

Kenzo iPhone 6

On August 2 "bar iron" after testing in Beidaihe, Qinhuangdao city, Hebei province, and there is no new news. According to the agreement, by the end of this month, "BA Fe" line or be removed, the company required road is repaired.

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"BA iron" technology has been questioned, was arrested for illegal fund raising by exposure

Friday, August 12, 2016

Taylor shirt Zoe a belt specially crafted collision block fat

Recently, country Princess Taylor Swift dresses, select dressed wave points out, the tall and her own legs do exhibition, it was envy.

Taylor Swift VS Zooey Deschanel

Taylor Swift VS Zooey Deschanel

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift regardless of is stage also is privately are is wear clothing match of small expert, recently, Taylor a wave points dress out Street, do exhibition its pastoral style, in details Shang, wine red of butterfly knot belt more is for overall effect added points, highlights waist line, added long has leg of proportion, let Taylor of beauty leg show undoubtedly, feel more fresh moving, again match feet that double black high heels, and for she overall effect added has some retro charm.

Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel this pieces wave points retro dress is she and United States brand Tommy Hilfiger joint cooperation series, has been love retro wind of Zoe this play of is not so in place, on bitaile·siweifute in details Shang of processing, Zoe of lower body obviously short has many, no distribution ornaments match is overall some monotone, a messy of hair is for its styling chaos, feet of white broken drill high heels and stockings of match let people think complex many.

"To Tommy, From Zooey" series

Taylor Swift daily street

Taylor Swift daily street The party of clocking most fashion Festival bag

Summer is coming, Taylor Swift dress in the wardrobe items for many girls to aspire, look at this print dress to go with retro flavor full headdress, at the foot of green high heel and shoulder bag is very good and echoing the dress color, giving the overall feeling youthful.

Taylor Swift daily street

Taylor Swift daily street

Taylor's clever lies in the dress belts and fine match with high heels, she used a belt to improve my waist line, feet high heels strappy design also helps stretch the length of the leg, making it look more tall.

Taylor Swift daily street

Taylor Swift daily street

Have to say that Taylor will be to their own advantage, and this dress not only highlights the Taylor retro qualities, paired with belts also highlighted her many women envy long legs.

Taylor Swift daily street

The cut of the dress, slim well highlights the waist, chest hollows out small details hidden, yellow silk ribbons are printing echoes with the body, at the foot of Green bow high heels sweet, such a match is really best suited for dating the best choice in this season.

Tailezuoyi dress belt matching high heels hit Jersey wave point Taylor Swift

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Zhao Ting perfectly captured the goddess model charming hunk wearing a lift

Zhao Ting and Gao Yuanyuan's "love" has finally come to fruition! Two people were found in the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau registered for marriage licenses, upgrade couple. What kind of men captured the high round of the goddess or God? Zhao Ting, look glamorous to wear take it! Have to know God of beauty products matching

Zhao Ting, perfectly captured the goddess model charming hunk wearing a lift Zhao Ting, perfectly captured the goddess model charming hunk wearing a lift Zhao Ting, perfectly captured the goddess model charming hunk wearing a lift Zhao Ting, perfectly captured the goddess model charming hunk wearing a lift Zhao Ting, perfectly captured the goddess model charming hunk wearing a lift Zhao Ting, perfectly captured the goddess model charming hunk wearing a lift Zhao Ting, perfectly captured the goddess model charming hunk wearing a lift Zhao Ting, perfectly captured the goddess model charming hunk wearing a lift Zhao Ting, perfectly captured the goddess model charming hunk wearing a lift

Zhao Ting wore set perfect goddess glamour match sportsman-high round in Beijing

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Miao miao of the collocation mushrooms and spring and little sisters girlfriends

Thanks Home recommended! Haha flowers

Finally spring

How can favorite Sisters of our busy

HA HA Hey Man please turn around and Show the most romantic

My mushroom head loving girlfriends take a set

Pink and grey letter t simple lovely

Donald Duck fringe long t lol feeling is not selling MoE

Paul Frank sweater coat color gorgeous, Oh

Cat sweater coat worn on both sides is very practical

Mushroom sisters girlfriends with Paul Frank Spring mix spring coat sweater