Friday, July 15, 2016

Yoona vsTiffany airport with matching simple Korean taste

Airport equipment remains a hot topic of controversy, especially the stars appeared in the airport, fashionable trend of dress is often followed by the general public.

Recently, the SNSD members yoona and Tiffany in a fresh install appear in airports, different styles, each show their edgy fashion charm and beauty.

If you still worry about what to wear this season out, may wish to refer to their style match, and find your own style.

>>> Yoona

To attend the Chinese fans will show up to the airport to meet yoona, a normally feminine style in crisp refreshing styling came into view.

Black shorts with a blue-striped chiffon shirt, wide cuff tops the most flamboyant shows pretty little sentimental and soft.

Put white mini shoulder bag simple fashion, cool black sunglasses into seemingly simple airport installed, instant fashion index surged.

>>> Tiffany

Dress in distinctive fashion sense of Tiffany, same day mainly casual charm to attract the public eye. High round led by new year lucky red watches equipped

Preparing to attend the brand-name fashion show her blouses and wearing a classic striped sweaters take a denim skirt, a pair of black boots are extremely bright. Although her matching items are somewhat casual, but presents a Visual sense is still hard to cover its sexy woman.

Highlight body curves of the fringe pieces and denim skirts with matching, stylish atmosphere, there are even more feminine. Want to dress up to look more handsome, absolutely do not miss Joker sunglasses.

>>> Editor Pick!

For you love minimalist fashion, you can choose with the refreshing coolness of the blue t-shirt or blouse, matching shorts on. Jewelry ornament, let your feminine double upgrade.

Wild Wild stripes single smell is not too many. In recent days, rain of the rainy season, fabrics light sweater or lightweight shirts paired with jeans, denim skirts, crisp enough. Combination of stripes and denim is the fashion industry never fading essence mix.

Ara Xie Jiayi Wu/text

Matching yoona fashion airport simple stripes Tiffany cowboy airport

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