Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Six must taste of France home cooking to amaze

For the pursuit of good food, the French always spared no effort. Of course, like foie gras, snails, this meal is not France gourmet cuisine is all about. Focus on the life of French, even daily meals were never neglected, today from France northeast to start, looking for those recommended cuisine.

1, Saint-Jacques scallop (Coquilles Saint-Jacques)

Six must taste of France home cooking to amaze

If you still don't know that Saint-Jacques scallops, you must not be regarded as perfect control of of scallop. French is usually a Saint-Jacques Scallops on Christmas day, rather than food, he is more like a landscape.

Matching wine: Sauvignon Blanc or Chablis

2, France crepe (Buckwheat Cr ¨º PES)

Six must taste of France home cooking to amaze

France crepe like pancake fruit in China, outside wrapped in a thin layer of cake, French pancakes you can package according to your preferences in any dish you like, from hot dishes to desserts, only you can not think without package deal.

Matching wine: Apple Cider. France North-East Brittany two signature dishes, France crepes and cider is a perfect match.

3, crisp onion soup (Soupe à L'oignon)

Six must taste of France home cooking to amaze

Onion soup is also called "the hundred soups". The New York Times food critic once commented: "this is the most delicious soup I've ever tasted, at first I thought it was a little like bread pudding scented, with a thick Golden covers, fully stimulate the Visual and taste buds of patrons. "

Matching wine: Beaujolais

4, baked ground beef with mashed potatoes (Hachis Parmentier)

Six must taste of France home cooking to amaze

Layer is mashed, the lower is a juicy steak, tasted just like two layers of heaven.

Matching wine: aersasiheipinuo

5, Apple with black blood sausage (Boudin Noir Aux Pommes) Enjoy superior ride set off new Tiguan with BlueMotion

I'm sorry? Black blood sausage? If this sounds a bit afraid, said the foreigners do not eat the blood and guts of it? Actually a variety of blood sausage in France are very famous, is one of the favorite dishes of French, blood sausage taste creamy, delicious juice completely hide out and it tasted a little fishy. France blood sausage served with baked apples are a common mix, baked apples you can grease and blood sausage, makes the whole dish becomes balanced.

Matching wines: Bordeaux red wine

6, tartar steak (Steak Tartare)

Speaking of Tatar, is reminiscent of ancient Chinese northern nomadic tribes besides meat and drinking scene. Tartart is of transliteration of Tatars, the steak tartare is made of high steaks, authentic beef very tender, and coupled with the raw egg yellow delicious, truly memorable. Don't let the pictures scare, put down the mental burden try, this is a delicious alternative.

France match homemade scallop potato dishes surprise the French onion soup

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