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Wine woman treasured moment is precious

The Mid-Autumn Festival season, moon cakes as a must-have snacks, and has a history of thousands of years. "Not eat sweet and fragrant pine soft greasy, different unusual. "Is the Qing Yuan Mei's evaluation of the cakes. Cakes sweet and delicate taste of popular taste, but also the characteristic, cakes are often alone with food, it is difficult to mix with other delicious form. In the mid-autumn moon moments after the reunion dinner, cakes as the main character and supporting roles are hard to find, it would be fly in the ointment. In the traditional Chinese diet, little dessert habit, and in Western culture, which was for a long time.

Wine woman treasured moment is precious

 For dessert mix, one of the classics in the West is the exquisite desserts and extravagant combinations of ice wine. Ice Wine usually high sweetness, sour, subtle, low alcohol, sweet taste and match fruits and sweets have conjugal bliss effect, low alcohol is more suitable for all types of people, elderly and children, are ideal for the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion moments, such as drinking. Cake sweet combination of fragrant pine and ice wine, opens the taste buds instantly capture the desire for delicious, reunite to always bring the most happiness of enjoyment.

In other countries, ice wine is a gathering of family and friends after a meal of delicious, mix fruits and exquisite desserts, a sumptuous dinner at Ramada finale. Ice wine before tasting, be sure not to eat hot, mint and chocolate-flavored dishes, bottle opener, after waiting more than 10 minutes, seal ice wine and the full integration of the air for a long time, and then into the Cup. Ice wine of mellow and unique is it of soothing, so, drinking ice wine Shi must to fine products slow drink, cannot like drink other wine as a drink and do, but should first wine pour glass in the slowly observation its color, then will glass slow stable to rotating designated arc, let wine more to contact air, deep sucking its bouquet, again small mouth sipped wine, fine products its taste.

The only way ice wine's unique flavor and brings into play, the entrance of every drop of wine turned into the sensual unforgettable luxury, enduring memorable.

Choices for ice wine, first select 375ml price 1000 Yuan, or even higher, because precious ice wine, hundreds of Yuan are basically artificial freezing of fake ice wine, the taste will be a lot worse. Currently pays homage to the best ice wine producing countries of the world belonging to Canada, unique climate and vast fertile lands, Canada produced become renowned the World wine ice wine. Therefore, the choice of a bottle of ice wine tastes good, first of all, make sure it is Canada.

Even if the origin is Canada, there are many counterfeit products on the market today. Authentic Canada ice wine, must be marked with "Icewine" VQA certification, have both identified in order to ensure that ice wine is authentic Canada produces, and strictly follow the grapes must come from the country of origin, and natural frozen at least 8 hours before picking standards.

 Ice wine to select higher quality standards, it is necessary to select well-known winery produces. Canada, Ontario, as the world's best ice wine producer, gathered over more than 70 of the world's best to produce ice wine estate, with Niagara-on-the (Niagara-on-the-Lake) is the most famous, Canada top Ice Wine Wine estates are gathered here, including ice wine production the biggest Pillitteri wines.

The winery founded in 1947, to produce high-quality ice wine known throughout the world, is also the world's only has two VQA and HACCP authoritative authentication wineries. Follow the Orthodox and rigorous standards, Pillitteri in various international wine tasting contest won more than 500 international and the Canada Award. At present, the Kingsland wines of the winery's high-end brand has entered China, and in 2012 of the international authority of the Shanghai international wine tasting match (Shanghai International Wine Challenge) for the first time to China to attend the tasting Pillitteri wines and Kingsland brand, harvest, including "best ice wine", 8 Awards; Only 2011 the new Kingsland brewed ice wine, Fu was born, he scored two silver and one bronze medal. Fashion trend dress Assistant mix essential mobile

Rare moment of reunion, the wine Moon, has some fun. A piece of cake and a cup of ice wine, sweet taste is full, full. The taste of happiness, thus permanently in mind.

Ice Wine cake and wine fair Canada Chateau Mid-Autumn Festival reunion match

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