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Run charming Christmas Moose look

Snow, roofs were covered with a thick layer of snow covers and eye is a snow,

Branches flickered on the sketch the iced lace edge of mothers coming to the tree withered leaves,

Lights Dim out as if connected directly to another world,

Deep secret in the quiet of the night silence, the occasional car that ran across the snow covered.

Santa Claus, ride the deer sleigh flying over the sky, after each garden has a short stay,

You-ready socks yet?

At this time, the cat walked softly across the wall, leaving a string of blooming flowers

Mao said something: Meow on-street meters, are you still sleeping?!!!


Snow in the past, NIMA, where the snow!!!!! Sin, sin ... Damaged the good atmosphere ...

Comfort our liver carefully, let Mao as Santa's little deer to bring some Christmas bright! Oh, Yes!

Run, charming Christmas Moose!? look

Nani? You say there is little antlers not count? Hell, look at

The amount of ... Is actually to buy him, not to tell you the truth, he took on Mao looks 100 times ... Asked for his views, let Mommy for a little while

Saying he really love to collect things, often suddenly found on hand every day to find something to ... And then he will be pulling for you to find out, also was renamed is afraid of being the bad guys away ... HA HA HA, Wow, MOM this awareness is in place!

Ah ~ ~ topic

Run, charming Christmas Moose!? look

Christmas, it should be red and to-do

Highly comfortable silk base, a furry rabbit hair, green flowers necklace, red Elk Horn ...

Hee hee, wood a little festive atmosphere?

Ah ~ ~ ~ ~ well, again with skin care and a match, play is makeup, to say what ...

Skin care is to better putting on makeup, and not Mao Forte.

OK, in order to ... Complete crap a bunch ... Love to himself, Mao

Run, charming Christmas Moose!? look

Dang Dang Dang, this Elk makeup will use the equipment, does this count as a spoiler, Ah ha ha, let it ...

Don't explain yourself

Makeup as usual to a mask before you

Run, charming Christmas Moose!? look

Mao was introduced before the good stuff – Gu Ersha dew rose water

In General, we think that Hydrosol is a by-product of the production of essential oils, but in fact the best pure pure distilled from the special, they just for pure raw materials for products distilled, rather than as essential oil distillation, repeated distillation is in order to get more oil and raw materials.

Gu Ersha is doing rose the specificity of the product brand, then you just focus on doing one thing at a time the best you can do! So slightly, Mao thought this from Turkey exotics should be very reliable!

200ml dark dark bottle, affordable, professional packaging

When Mao closed more than more than 200 ocean relative to the market a bottle of more than 10 water look a little expensive, but in turn to think, people are really made of roses, not blended well

This bottle contains 1000 Damascus rose in rose water, usually talking about buying ~~~ hum, dare not think

And Mao also wants to said of is, now market Shang of pure dew Ah spent water Ah really of water is deep, some a big bottle only dozens of block money, but general thinking about also should know those certainly not superior products, if is fine oil of by-product has is good of has, but more may is with very few of fine oil and water blending of, most miserable of is with little pure dew and various additives coin out of things... Friends, what do you dare?

Run, charming Christmas Moose!? look

Thing to use if you feel dry anytime, said Mao, seizing the pair of 12 stock, good things are not afraid

Very pure rose water flavor, hee hee, Hydrosol is the product of the distillation of roses, so if you smell sweet and rich rose scent, then, Hey is definitely against the flavor of products, not desirable

Introduced before the old, Elsa rose water can be directly used as a toner with the morning dew, give you today is a bubble, Yes, being more used to you

Because the weather is so dry that Mao is like this is surrounded by roses Super moist feeling pinch

Run, charming Christmas Moose!? look

In order to save the skin of dry, Mao used the double Oh

Two-level film stack using

Usually use Al manzil felt it was cheap, but the store really isn't, a 35-minute thing, if longer you will feel humidity of mask not to force

So Mao used two, so stack can appropriately extended time of top dressing, strengthen the effect of rose water

Run, charming Christmas Moose!? look

See, two basic little Mummy's bright ...

Extension of time can, of course, about 10 minutes or so, it's a small coup? Hee hee

Run, charming Christmas Moose!? look

Rose water in the full with Damascus rose in hydrophilic essence, and contains about 0.3%~0.5% of fine oil water-soluble components, so still keep rose fine oil of aromatic, and part effect and minor of antibacterial sex, and containing fine oil by no of plant essence (as tannic acid and the class yellow ketone), makes pure dew has conditioning skin of effect, its low concentration of characteristics makes of more easy was skin by absorption. Just enough for a few minutes you can see the obvious effects

Water content of the skin surface increase and continued infiltration, skin glowing

Just apply to the rose water, pore horse has shrunk a lot of pinch, this makeup suits you

Run, charming Christmas Moose!? look

First step Foundation

Choice is very very suitable for Max Factor of Mao misifotuo double full run repair Foundation, in modified colour also plays a role in skin care

HA HA, in fact, the most important thing is her color concealer while powerful it!

Almost mousse-like texture, contact the skin begins to melt

And how else is called Angel essence Foundation liquid squeezed, and magic

Collocation flat Foundation brush, feels faster and more delicate than flat on the makeup, for covering pores, little spotted horse also has a secondary effect

One half side of the wood ... Clear demarcation of the pinch, uh, neck wood HA ...

This is more obvious to slightly

Love is really still need a reason ...

Then there is the whole modified slightly, playing shadows highlights God of horses, make the face look more solid

In fact, Mao is not used in Europe and that heavy modification, filming the effect seems good, but real people really cannot see, various colors ...

Although oriental face lack of icing, but it also features, not necessarily into the European people, as ...

Simple modification must, of course, that also look pleasing to the eye, distance can make the face look a little thin, lol, slim was the main topic!

1th-color highlights, mix 2, 3 shadow

Wrap your mouth, sunken places is needed to play shadow of the face powder, Mao used the dark feel too heavy, so color is mixed with dark, feels good

Of course, this varies, not two people exactly the same colour

Side cheek also needs to play the shadow at the edge, especially not the stabber faces people like Mao, cry ...

Does not use lines to draw beautiful figure, it can't be said, crying again, who is going to teach me how to draw the shape of the rules?

Completed results would also need brow shadow, but Mao is fringe, so, save ...

Nose Department, now, brows, cheekbones needed to light pink highlights, everyone knows that, again ...

Prior to the official culture pay attention to lip, so clearly felt when you start smearing lipstick lip moisturizing a lot, lip print is faded

This is Mao's recent love, ever since Mao with godmother homemade perfume is completely overwhelming. ... The snow melted lip balm rich in essential oils, contact with lips the instant cool burst of bright, painted finish with absolutely no weight, Mao's most hated banner nourished, but texture thick lipstick like coated with a layer of wax, garbage ...

Ying Jie Li the lip balm is to teach mother grind House-made, relatively soft paste, not spin out too much, Oh

OK, ready to work the same, followed by eye makeup

Eyes are the Windows to the soul, and eyebrows are the Windows to the soul frame slightly, must not tolerate the window opened, and frames gray Doodle drops!

Saying that Mao had no eyebrows experiences, it is destined for thrushes especially close attention to, even if there are no other makeup, eyebrows are also necessary to draw a drop!

Mao is a dark-haired, darker Brown thrush, if to follow Japan and South Korea to get lighter eyebrows would be a distraction, so, Mao is fit he is the best! Classic Salsa 8 winter hot dish

Mao to the Elf's eye base, HA HA, that was to follow, please

Well, runs out the following also great, haha

What pinch? Colored eye shadow looks like better, but would not be so easy to spend her makeup ...

This used eye colour plates, LUNASOL, Mary Dai Jia, MSQ

Didn't Mao say finally found SUMI of the doorways, trying to show them with all the little friends showing off

Shoot it out only to find NIMA before with no difference, but real people, really a lot of detailed, just took it ...

Is paint effect on the left, the right is the halo effect

LUNASOL a socket base, saying this eyeshadow is really good Flash good Flash, and special nature, lots of shiny is eaten by the camera, like themselves, is the sun sparkling bright ...

MSQ cabbage dishes b Matt watermelon flush into half a centimetre on the eyelid, but fortunately the Elf, or do not have such color

Mary Diane c color play double eyelids, and Sumi, and make it happen automatically over

Eyeliner didn't start to Canary ...

Indoor light is bad, haven't been a sunny day, a variety of color, do look

Ask you only see the shadow effect, oooo ...

Eyes slightly, chose mgpin water soluble eyeliner black, natural fit

Usage is very special, need to wet the brush and then apply, advantages are obvious, does not dissolve in oil, so anti-shading effect

It hasn't killed when SUMI, made it with eye shadow for a natural fusion

Mascara, you must

Double Magic Xiao NI misifotuo purple, since owned, loved so far

Don't say always use, and ten

This one nearly empty, no mascara be Mao used to work so fast ...

Classic big brush head maximum catch more mascara, give lashes a brush into place.

Dense brush teeth cannot guarantee the mascara evenly covered, major comb lashes will not form a fly leg

Praise is a Word!

Lancome was Mao Yan Cai powder blush, color natural fit, easy to get started

Oblique head blush brush is also Mao is often recommended, under two can brush out the natural stereo blush

From the cheekbone to the helical sweep the Temple a few times

Hey Hey ... Giggling Mao ...

The next lip makeup

MaxFactor bright and lasting lipstick nude lip colours misifotuo 21#

With a lip brush to apply the edge and full spread, can make the lips full, Oh

Painting fantastic Matt effect

21#-Orange, today, with Mao's clothes take, Oh

And hot feel soon, haha

Mao lip wrinkles is serious in itself, ignoring ... Forgot to do lip membranes

Finally please brush honey powder makeup, OK, finished!

Fix photos

I was hanging the Garland small Moose!


Or red and more like a Christmas tree? what ever!

Anyway, definitely Christmas bright!!

Ah? Hair you get hair like that? Don't you feel a bit like a small deer hairs on the head? Hum! Laugh at me again you!

Bring antlers look, Wow, didn't my son is cute ...

Pictures look crazy, brain dead short write, we directly look at the picture and let their imaginations ...

Santa Claus is calling you out to receive a gift!

S: no reply no gifts Oh!!

Roses Christmas Moose natural essential oil and Hydrosol rose water running old, Elsa dew rose water

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