Friday, June 17, 2016

High waist matching pants for skirts and refused ordinary tall

Small Petite girls, but dressing skills match a high visual impact than the actual height. Small series includes several little girls dress matching fashion style, come and have a look!

"High waist short girls fashion tips" model 1

Xiao bian recommended >>> black dark Plaid sweater + black and white Plaid leather jacket + pants + black boots, will be wrapped in jackets pants high waist design and Visual effects elongate the leg helps to create nine perfect body.

"High waist short girls fashion tips" model 2

Xiao bian recommended >>> dark blue pierced sweaters sexy calm personality, with a grey woollen shorts, high waisted look visually lower the legs look more slender, elongated body, whole person look taller. Cute makeup upgraded elegant sweetheart tips

"High waist short girls fashion tips" model 3

Xiao bian recommended >>> thick blue bar knit shirts + rivets + black leather pleated skirt + black short boots casual bags, high waist design allows a perfect proportion body, modified leg legs long, short boots, rivet joined the punk style of the element.

"High waist short girls fashion tips" model 4

Xiao bian recommended >>> wine red color retro Cute Polka dot skirt, snowflake printed denim jacket is warm, mix grey socks with the camel at the end of tassel short boots and wool CAP, with elements of style is great for Christmas!

"High waist short girls fashion tips" model 5

Xiao bian recommended >>> irregular white down jacket + Brown tights + stockings + Brown in color and thick-soled shoes, jacket length is just right, color knitting socks is divided layers, thick-soled shoes increases styling success tips, bringing interesting art fan.

High waist design tall secret pants dress fashion boot

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