Saturday, June 11, 2016

Accessories match has always mix and match color model

How large the accessory power is? See Russia celebrities using echo Crown handbags to create a delicate embroidery of elegant vintage image, see hipster scarf pattern usage into the modern and variety, you will lament the wonders of accessories!

Accessories match has always mix and match color model

Socialite Uliana Sergienko the still retro course, simple elegant Crown, she looks beautiful, and the simplicity of minimalism, the cumbersome red tape, combining noble and elegant.

The hipster a few ethnic elements combine with black lipstick, purple scarf, brings dark and dreamy combination of secret temptation, so that it gives off bright sexy beauty.

Fashion regardless of weight, the hipster body first, but does not affect the good taste. Gray scarf matching round glasses, bring retro style. Pose echoing scarf skirt gorgeous color, and makes the shape more vivid and stylish.

With a 50 's-style cat eye sunglasses in a Pearl decoration rich in drama, with a white headband with Crystal necklaces, though slightly exaggerated but really interesting. Best was rose red lips, white fresh increase play.

Scarf in a knot on the head is new yet playful, echoed with the yellow wood sunglasses to ensure harmony, while shaping a naughty playful fashion image.

Matching accessories to mix fashion silk scarf sexy fashion retro fashion Bright couldn t look You see you see that pretty

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