Thursday, May 5, 2016

Light makeup has begun Herborist code extraction light make up listed

"On May 1, 2016," towards the early summer sun, Herborist • code extraction "light color fan the ' makeup ' on the ' makeup '" light makeup channel the first Roadshow in Metro malls was successfully held in Shanghai.

This activity, Herborist has launched a new Herborist • light cosmetic series code extraction, and invited well-known cosmetics skin care expert azhi teacher of art, and Mina-headed model KIKO, will join hand to launch three classic makeup-for flying holiday light Wu makeup, suitable for work commuting if peach makeup, as well as for Jinghong secret fan of the surprise party makeup. Three makeup can meet the needs of people different makeup and more light and thin, and can be easily mastered.

The event, Herborist stores Senior Director Shi Wei, Metro General Manager Wang Fei Yue, Assistant, and teacher azhi, KIKO to Herborist? light make-up listed code extraction of Ribbon, officially opened era of Chinese light make-up.

1-minute "makeup" beautiful

The Herborist? light makeup series code extraction, as well as three makeup by Herborist? code extraction together art makeup skin care experts-azhi teacher development. The event, azhi teacher first shared a light make-up design concept, "light" stands for "young", "light", "light", "light" concept throughout the series, the product mix to derive different makeup, from embroidery reflects on the packing and material "light + Chinese beauty" is the core concept.

Azhi said a good eyebrow can bring good luck, on-site activities, he used a 1-minute depicts the delicate eyebrows, showing easy "makeup" beauty tips. Azhi Herborist • teacher use plastic eyebrow pencil + Lancet arched eyebrows eyebrow powder code extraction, is a powder eyebrow design, very easy to paint, use brow powder can gently draw the eyebrows, brow part must be gentle; the other is a core design, with eyebrow pencil in the lighter areas lightly sketched, can help the eyebrow achieved very solid results. Simple steps you can easily navigate, easy to learn steps even novices can easily grasp.

2 minute professional beauty "makeup"

Mina-headed model KIKO in a peach blossom fairies surrounded by sparkling debut, dressed in a simple suit, her fresh and pretty much a sense of competence and professional. She said, as a model, requiring frequent makeup, Herborist? light make-up code extraction contains herbal extracts, and easy to use, easy to create light without the burden of beauty makeup, she was put down.

KIKO the delicate makeup is one of three Chinese makeup face peach makeup, azhi teachers explained this in detail to IN makeup tips! If the peach makeup focuses on the eyebrows and cheeks, clean eyebrows and rosy complexion, capable yet sweet feeling, it is suitable for girls just entering the job market. Subsequently, azhi teacher also explains the other two models of light makeup--suitable for flying holiday light Wu makeup, the Jinghong secret fan makeup to stand out at the party.

Wonderful interaction benefits continue

Besides azhi brings wonderful classroom teachers and Kiko, activities also have a wealth of interactive activities and benefits. Interactive photo area crowds, attract fans taking pictures forwarded bask in praise to your circle of friends set, check revealed more Tarot site solution good luck, as well as fingertips "makeup" beautiful nail area. While collecting control can also be in the interactive areas, collect 3 Chinese exquisite stamp Exchange secret gift.

Herborist • light makeup Metro code extraction the first Roadshow has been a perfect ending, but the Chinese light make-up era has just opened! Now, the whole "makeup", the experience the light and beauty of make-up, show your light colored van! Wearing color eye Millennium show opening makeup

Cosmetic treatment makeup o Herborist times listed events for

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