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Represents ten concept cell phone

At present, almost all users can find their favorite Smartphone, but only if users prefer to use rectangular configuration a touchscreen mobile phone. There are also markets mobile phone more creative, such as Samsung Galaxy S7 surface side screen Edge and is equipped with dual display LG V10. But designed apparently think they are trendy enough, appears so frequently on the Internet some bold design concepts, these concepts are not listed there are usually two, one is currently the technology is not up to their claims, the other is too small or too crazy. TechRadar elect ten concept from information on a broad array of Internet machine, hoping one day users could buy them in the market.

Mobile Script

Referred to as "Mobile Script" the concept of (possibly) flexible screen, by stretching the phone transforms into a tablet. In addition to being a two in one device, it is also coated with a layer of "nanostructured materials", can convert solar energy into electric energy and extend battery life.

Long and narrow shape Mobile Script is unusual. But homogeneous cuboid in the mobile world, people look forward to extraordinary, so expect it to be popular.

Nexus P3

Nexus P3 concepts in a way that is easy to think of LG G5, because it also has a for adding other parts of "positions". But they are slightly different, Nexus P3 "positions" can slip out, installing QWERT full keyboard or gamepad. If you do not want to add other phone control module, the user can also add a capacity of 4700 mAh battery and prolong battery life.

QWERTY full keyboard cell phones are relatively rare, since Sony Ericsson Xperia Play has been a leading mobile manufacturers are promoting a mobile phone with a joypad, so Nexus P3 can meet the needs of two types of niche user base. Large capacity batteries are almost all phones lack.

AUO cell phone

Folding and twisting action may cause damage to the screen, so its display has been specially strengthened. This concept can display only 720p--'ve got actual prototypes that run (this is different from most of the concepts in this article), apparently able to swap higher-resolution display screen.

ASUS Z2 Poseidon

Most of the selling concept is an innovative new design, and general features of the flat, but ASUS Z2 Poseidon stressed that hardware configuration, it is powered by Intel processors, running 6GB RAM and a 6-inch QHD display.

Designers want it to offer PC performance, users can play in other smart phones can't play games. It is configured with a capacity of up to 6000 mAh battery, liquid cooling and air cooling systems make it does not overheat.

With 4 speakers ASUS Z2 Poseidon is clearly suitable for playback of media content. Even though cool is not a design goal, but zero border and aluminium casing makes the face value is not low.

Philips Fluid

Philips Fluid with the Nokia Morph has a certain degree of similarity, but the design is more realistic, which means that it might actually go on sale in the near future.

With the Nokia Morph is similar, Philips Fluid can also be curled up into a bracelet, or as standard smartphone use. It is very thin, almost never felt worn on the wrist with a cell phone. Despite the high resolution OLED screen, but it is not Nokia Morph nanotechnology and other features.

Mozilla Seabird

Projector phone is not new, in fact, such products have been marketed, such as Lenovo Smart Cast, but it's only one projector, and the Mozilla Seabird has two projectors, installed on a bracket on the wall cast a large picture, and placed flat onto a keyboard.

Mozilla Seabird seems to be a niche mobile phone suitable for enterprise users. And how to get rid of a season to Chun Kun sleep

Atlas Kinetic

Contains only very basic mobile phone features, but it uses the kinetic energy of charged, so users only have to let it move to charge. In most smart phones using the time, less than a day now, a charge anytime, anywhere mobile phone must be "useful".

Its face value was higher, unique design, with metal and glass, two materials. Users might think that the kinetic energy alone is not enough to generate sufficient power for cell phone use, but Atlas Kinetic is just a prototype, related technologies still under development, so that one day it will really go on sale.

Window Phone

Window Phone is not a Microsoft Windows Phone, but a transparent concept. Window Phone appearance will change according to weather conditions, on a sunny day it is very pure, icy gloss in snowy weather are issued.

Appearance really do not know what will change with the weather, but like the transparent fuselage, it not only looks cool, and users are mobile phone while walking no less dangerous (like advertising, mobile phone as people walked in front of the head).

iPhone Next G

First thing to clarify is: Apple never produced phones such as the iPhone Next g, nor other mainstream manufacturers. However, the iPhone designed Next g is really novel, hope that manufacturers will try to make it to the market.

IPhone is a wearable mobile phone Next g, usually worn on the user's wrist, there was a relatively smaller screen size, built-in projector will be displayed on the user's hand when using a larger screen

Projection screen size depends on the users hands, projected on the screen controlled phone comfortable as real touch screen. Additionally, the user cannot use both hands to operate.

However, much smaller than any current iPhone Next g mobile phone, mobile phones become an extension of our body, which will be the future direction of development of science and technology.

Nokia Morph

Although made of Nokia Morph has been available as early as 2008, but remains one of the most attractive mobile phone design. Configuring transparent and flexible, scalable display components, using nano-technology allows it to change shape, shape when needed can be "fixed".

Stretch out the size of a tablet computer, but can also be folded into a smaller size, thickness, thicker phone, or wearing a bracelet on the wrist.

Morph, and other big recruit. It can collect solar energy to recharge themselves, waterproof and dustproof. In addition, tactile layer on the surface of the screen, virtual keys on the touch screen in order to give stick out feeling, similar to using the entity key.

Morph sounds like a science fiction movie prop, good looking forward to the day when it really came out.

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