Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Pink Lolita controlled PK Orange clean which is your type

There are many guys ask me, why do girls go out dating for so long that, you guys, such as the flower Withers. Girls do not want to, makeup, dress, matching clothes, unknowingly passed within hours.

MM they have to worry about these things, OK? Today I'd like to introduce both stylists recommend mix of styles, whether you are a small fresh little loli, can express Oh!

Crash mode, first to introduce my favorite pink Lolita control dress, this dress overall matte finish without losing the rural feel. Pink chiffon dresses are hot items this summer, Oh, with a pink bow tie Ribbon straw, whether shopping or go to the picnic are a good match. On the choice of shoes, and I did not match the overall pink, because that would be too rosy and people find it disgusting. Steady khaki Sandals can be a good hold of the whole match. The spring of 2016 international watch and jewellery

Pink Lolita controlled PK Orange clean, which is your type?

I should like in particular to recommend matching this lipstick, I spent quite a long time including yo! Mary Diane new P-7-rose pink in color lipstick impression is precisely in line with the tone of my pink Lolita. And benefits of this lipstick is that it has a super color formulations, colour reproduction is very good, so it is highly recommended!

Sisters ' attention! A large wave of Orange are closer to you! Orange clean what you love. Effect of different fresh orange match a summer, a simple t-shirts and shorts, clean and neat. And, unlike the above paragraph, I am watch for it and matching accessories, more leisure feeling. You must also pay attention to the bottom right corner of this lipstick, Yes, Oh the primary impression or Mary Diane lipstick, it's really super Joker, what kind of attire are met, select MM of obstacles and don't pick the eye.

I'm a big fan of Mary Diana, recently it at home or in a customized fashion activities on Twitter, show individuality, MM can also be of interest to look at, and might even win it. Today's featured on here, we have wood has learned to do.

Pink Lolita Orange clean mix fresh lipstick Mary Diana better recommended

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