Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wearing color eye Millennium show opening makeup in ancient Chinese history

On March 18, leader in the professional make-up ZFC+ hand in hand, China Opera and dance drama theatre in Beijing Jian Yi Jing Yuan held a unique "color eye wear Millennium" creative drama: the collection stage, performance art and makeup show. High specification system of stage equipment and watch the live one, through the Millennium beautiful audience as immersive, amazing.

The rare Visual Feast attracted a lot of media, fashion cafes, all the artists, professional and elite line of cosmetics channel, add some praise. Among them, the highly anticipated is the makeup makeup styling from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony designer-cum-Opera the critically acclaimed stage design at the national level featuring leading masters of Mang San San.

It is reported that the artistic and cultural Interflows spent tens of millions of Yuan level of stage equipment and technology, such as dream-like realm from the universe, Nebula through thousands of years of flying, dimensions of time, space Visual innovation stage dripping out, fascinating. ZFC+ make up the cooperation with the National Opera House, in order to get to the top of the stage effects, at spent nearly 5 million Yuan. "Millennium eye wear" make-up, dancing, props and art forms, are designed by national artist original, and made its first appearance.

"Millennium eye wear" not only analyzes the make-up past and present, and is like a magic mirror, opened Totem in ancient China and the colours show how the pursuit of beauty with time travel to the modern, will bring more people to the wonderful spirit of enjoyment and pleasure.

Makeup is a product of human beauty, times change, the colors change, and psychology of female beauty of ancient and modern. Although makeup images such as Europe, Japan and South Korea lead the fashion trend, but the Chinese nation on the history and culture of color makeup goes back thousands of years. Foreign brands have dominated the image, domestic brand go? development since ZFC makeup stick with quality talk, after dozens of years rewriting the national makeup artist, Star actors and other professionals only with foreign brands history, is now a country of more than 600,000 school of professional makeup artists and many beauty "Queen's counsel" brand. Through years of precipitation and accumulation, ZFC makeup and makeup artists together to create innovation at national level, and for national brand, opening lines of the professional make-up Style and beauty in the world use Chinese makeup, "with achievements in the 39 years the world-level brand" vision one step closer.

Makeup has a long history in ancient China from today the prosperity of Han and Tang dynasties in the course of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, at different times, different natural conditions, under the influence of history and culture, showing makeup of various, colorful and each has its own charm, give people a different aesthetic experience, also for the modern woman's make-up provides a valuable reference materials.

The art culture show highlights many, professional makeup styling experts cum ZFC makeup Chairman Zhao Fucheng Mr starred in important role, China strategy management experts Yang Zonghua Dr, and China Opera dance hospital head of Wu Xuhai, and China Opera dance hospital famous youth director Han Bo, and China Opera dance hospital national level styling designer Fang Xuling, and 2008 games closing clothing design department drawing group leader and the clothing designer Chen Xiaojun, and music producer JI Peng, and total and manpower Tian Minjie, many big Lady are participation creation. Makeup for the first time and stage of romantic encounters, from pregnancy and Totem, ancient, enlightenment heritage 3 textual interpretation, ancient and modern, color world insight insight.

China Opera and dance drama Theater artists, through the performing arts, performance art and makeup show perfect combination offer playing "eye wear of the Millennium", blow out to show the makeup of Chinese historical and aesthetic evolution, reshaping the nation is the world's "on the tall" image. ZFC+ makeup took the lead in establishing the high-end national brands, is expected to lead the domestic line of day make-up brand upgrade.

Cosmetic makeup brand history specializing in the design of the Opera national Kiki make up amorous full feminine lips makeup

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