Sunday, March 27, 2016

Not just night mode this iOS 9 3 hidden skills

Apart from raising the adjustable color temperature of the screen functions, also supports the memorandum in the iOS 9.3 fingerprint to unlock new applications, activities were "taking exercise" tags to collect your physical activity data.

Apple last week released the iOS 9.3 upgrades. While the Night Shift so intimate functions, but the upgrade of many of the best changes have not been Apple's introduction, so that many users would not know of their existence. However this article will count iOS 9.3 best hidden features.

IOS 9.3 allows a user to hide does not use the official application, even though the whole process is more complex – need to wipe the phone, install the free tools Apple Configurator, and remove a specific package of modules-but it is feasible.

But before you do, should give the officials the opportunity to once again, because many of them have access to new features. For example, the new activity application "exercise" tag to your physical activity data collected.

Apple News has also been modified, new shortcuts can help users to customize the news feed. Simply slide left/right in the article, Apple's algorithm will gradually understand your reading preferences.

Apple's maps are becoming more practical, it can be shown through data from third-party peripheral business services, such as dining and shopping locations.

Apple map also provides a new way of looking at the bus site, you just need to click on the need to view the channels can be.

If you want to modify a picture but keep the original copy is now easier. When you select a picture, can see the copy shortcut at the bottom. Arcade IPhone what to expect changes in SE

System wallet--which Apple Pay to cover interface – get a new shortcut. If you save a credit card or a boarding pass, will appear in the bottom left of the screen related application shortcuts.

IOS is also optimized for keyboard control. Now, you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to read mail, use the space bar to scroll through Web pages is smoother than ever before.

If you want to get back on the main screen of the iPad, iOS now also offers a new shortcut: Command + h. In addition, you can also use Command + SPACEBAR to use Spotlight to search.

IPhone 3D Touch features but also because iOS 9.3 won the new shortcut. For example, when you press the camera application, you can now quickly take self-portraits.

Night Shift is also iOS 9.3 main function, it could improve the iPhone display color temperature at night, reducing screen blue light effect on sleep.

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