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Black burst technology millet 5 lies you further and further from the excellent

Millet 5 "black science" is not black, it just consumer "black science" of the word, but the price rose, 2699 to buy all the "black science" is actually a millet once again to an impact brand premium.

To tell the truth, millet 5 this show didn't get me excited.

Two hours long, while the Lei is still Hale, but fans aren't crazy and scream for a two years ago, everyone was sensible lot. Press Conference before the meditation of my heart, never a 820, never a 820, already bad Street today, Conference competition parameter is an act of very Low, LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge release Shi Xiaolong 820 parameter information is almost in passing, because they have more creative stuff out of pocket. Regrets of is mycophenolate mofetil Dragon 820 still is millet 5 body only of Halo, millet in 1.5 years of time within are just in consider how do marketing, Lei outspoken to told, most time are in wants to how put phone of fast straightforward of performance out, addiction Yu advertising marketing and stunt let millet almost sat real has a phone assembled company of name, also is millet 5 of released let it completely missed has became a great company of opportunities.

Black burst technology millet 5 lies you further and further from the excellent

Millet from Apple, Samsung, they walk far away, again domestically, Huawei has its own chip, OPPO has its own super splash-filled, Nubia to make no border, VIVO dominates mobile HiFi, but millet is still clinging to run, almost no highlights at all, which left the music of this young brand overtaking opportunities. Consumers in price before no loyalty degrees can statements, dang you no core capacity retain user, once has more with price products appeared, user will without kind of abandoned you, and this millet 5 of price has rose to 2699 Yuan, for wants to again from millet body fishing points benefits of fans for, this playing wrong has abacus, future if not change by price and marketing, non-core competitiveness of routine, millet faced of this dilemma only increasingly severe.

Lei clear itself and not much innovation took shots, once again had to sacrifice the old concept, editing word means, at the end of the press conference make "more than more than 10 black technology." Black technology is almost the MWC Conference theme, outbreak of mobile phone manufacturers a variety of black technology, modular battery for LG before G5 after a sensor pixel dual-core Samsung Galalxy S7, is interesting in the MWC2016 field, the OPPO directly compete with millet, to show us what a real homemade black technology.

Above are is real of black technology, but millet 5 of this "more than 10 more than items black technology" is has injection smacks of, to see millet 5 of this ten items black technology: Mycophenolate Mofetil Dragon 820, and UFS 2.0 Flash, and 4 axis anti-shake camera, and 4G+ network, and 16 star lamp province electric highlighted screen, and fast filling 3.0, and full function NFC, and full Netcom 3.0, and 3D ceramic fuselage, and beauty video calls, and offline a key for machine.

Whether millet to black an incomplete understanding of science and technology, but a few "black science" is an insult to the user obviously IQ. The first "4G+" networks already do business with more than half a year, supporting this technology only needs to chip upgrade from chips mycophenolate mofetil 805, 808, mycophenolate mofetil mycophenolate mofetil Dragon dragons 810 and Huawei Hass Unicorn qilin 620, 920, Kirin 930, 950, Kirin A9 can support 4G+. Mobile phone, including music video super phone 1 Pro version Note hat, music Max, millet, millet, 4C, HTC x Style, Nubian Z9 speed One A9,Moto version and iPhone 6/6s version, Nubian Z9 Max speed, supported 4G+ network. It's hard to imagine have been used in iPhone6 technology is used as black by millet technology more than a year, a little more knowledge of network reader can identify its flaws.

Black burst technology millet 5 lies you further and further from the excellent

Offline key replacement? Is I just from Mars back did, this relies on software achieved Android phone information swap early in years Qian on has, for machine Assistant, and Tencent of QQ synchronization Assistant, and eggplant fast biography, and fast teeth, a large number of phone App are has this function, phone aspects Huawei, and Jin also this Qian launched had corresponding of built-in function, so-called of offline for machine just is refers to phone Zhijian since built hot achieved LAN transmission, completely no any threshold, why to millet here on into has black technology?

Mycophenolate Mofetil Dragon 820, and fast filling 3.0: had to said millet stole of hand of good concept, if Qualcomm was millet acquisition has, said mycophenolate mofetil Dragon 820 black technology understandable, Qualcomm as a chip manufacturers, not only sold mycophenolate mofetil Dragon 820 to millet, and it also sold has Le depending on, and LG, and Samsung and follow-up of a big wave domestic brand, this took upstream manufacturers of technology to himself platform of behavior also is black technology words, Fuji Kang line Shang of workers not is all guy? Don't forget they only assemble the phone. Boom in e ink screen technology except the eBook

Fast charge 3.0 is also provided by Qualcomm for mobile phone manufacturers a fast charge technical solutions, suitable for most of the mobile phone using Qualcomm chips. Real quick black OPPO is the independent research and development of science and technology-filled super brand for Flash charging, which is why this year's MWC OPPO virtuoso stand on the world stage, while millet is not.

Xiao long 820 mentioned had to say about Millet called "NET 3.0", as the base provider Qualcomm has never named any so-called "Netcom X.0" this is millet moan, enlarged concept of old traditions. "NET 3.0" exactly what the hell is it? First of all to explain the NET 2.0, Netcom 2.0 which are commonly called blind Netcom, its dual SIM card slot does not have a primary-secondary card, any card slot supports 4G/mobile 4G/Unicom Telecom 4G network 4G mobile/Unicom networks in the Internet, Telecom cards can be used when Deputy cartoons dialect. And secondary card can only use the 2G network. NET 3.0, when you use mobile/Unicom 4G network card, secondary card supports up to Unicom 3G VoIP and 3G currently only supports Unicom, Telecom and mobile no, this function cannot be used to upgrade the one labeled "NET 3.0" name, had to admire millet once again we witness the course of history.

Word-series concept similarly applies to full-function NFC,NFC there are no strangers, then what is meant by full NFC, some manufacturers will be shielding some of the functionality of the NFC, millet 5 full-function just to keep them open, normal NFC-enabled mobile phones can also be implemented through brush. Cell phone acts as a bus cards need corresponds to equipment upgrades, phone as eSE terminal bus cards programme has been implemented, Shenzhen, Shanghai will be the first to support, which is why millet wallet only supports the sz, Shanghai, bought the black technology, if it is two or three cities, estimates mobile retirement hard to use.

Beauty video calls if you also count the black technology, beauty calls you make people a year ago how mobile QQ, rely on software and service support of beauty video MIUI 7 a bright spot, millet 5 can not wait to come out, reveals a lack of innovation.

Talk about other technologies, UFS 2.0 Flash this seemingly very new technology as early as Samsung Galaxy S6 and Meizu Pro 5 who have used, 2016 if the flagship phone in the eMMC 5.0 belong to outdated option, millet 5 list is bound to use UFS Flash 2.0.

4-axis stabilized camera and DTI pixel technology belongs to Sony's technology, and high-throughput as long as using the corresponding chip or the CMOS will share these technologies. And will Shang on took out stressed of materials--ceramic, in a added phone x Shang also has using had, millet 5 and a added x using of ceramic raw materials are is cubic oxidation zirconium, Mo's hardness up to 8.5, shortcomings also obvious--easy broken, and density big, this is why ceramic version millet 5 to than general version weight high out 10 grams of reasons.

Can be seen, millet 5 upstream manufacturers of so-called black technology using either technology, or is someone else's technology, or gimmicky concept continues millet moan, enlarged concept of old traditions. An exaggeration, been a common millet company, just under the siege of many opponents, out of the core technology of millet, some nasty.

Millet 5 hand of "more than 10 more than items black technology" does not black, it just in consumption "black technology" this word, but price is has rose, 2699 Yuan to buy to all of "black technology" actually is millet again to brand premium of once impact, but brand premium not by stunt, and concept or put should to consumers of General technology adapted into several obscure difficult understand of Word on can playing out of, is need by real of constantly learning, and cooperation, and improved, and innovation precipitation out of, millet too worried and forget has exhausted of lessons.

Millet has done, and contrary to the only real black technology and brands go further.

Millet, black Samsung concept mobile Netcom brand Conference of science and technology innovation

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