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Threadbare denim dress how to dress The beauty they cannot learn how line

Summer is coming up and dress when black Street, what about what to wear to distinctive, choose a different textures and styles, such as denim dress, and a slightly modified details match the good, here is a look at street photography talent to teach you how to wear a denim dress.

Cowboy items is one of the most popular costumes every year, in addition to jeans jeans are denim skirt, denim dresses nonconformist to wear in the summer, here's a look at how street photography of people with a denim dress you can wear a variety of different styles of?

These denim dress comes with age effect, put on a kawaii feel, no matter how matches are very tender, usually, denim dress cut is not too tight, so that wear more commuting.

Threadbare denim dress how to dress? The beauty they cannot learn how line

The buttons of the dress is stylish, wear a shirt or sweater you can wear directly, sleeves rolled up and more modern, matching shoes and bags is very capable.

Threadbare denim dress how to dress? The beauty they cannot learn how line

This soft fabric, denim dresses to wear more casual, matching short boots or sandals, loose casual and comfortable, not feel hot in the summer, matching up bags and sunglasses, fashion is no worse than other dresses, you said this summer, did you also buy a denim dress?

 This type of lighter, some waist dress very Lady, is a versatile style, matching boots and sandals are very nice in spring and summer, and then with the oblique package is very playful and cute, it is suitable for street wear set.

This turtle neck long sleeve denim dress is simple, without embellishment will have a mother sang feeling, matching bags and sunglasses will be showing fashion on temperament.

Summer Street denim dress Jean dress jacket's got talent Bring jacket fall Street leads up to you

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Not just night mode this iOS 9 3 hidden skills

Apart from raising the adjustable color temperature of the screen functions, also supports the memorandum in the iOS 9.3 fingerprint to unlock new applications, activities were "taking exercise" tags to collect your physical activity data.

Apple last week released the iOS 9.3 upgrades. While the Night Shift so intimate functions, but the upgrade of many of the best changes have not been Apple's introduction, so that many users would not know of their existence. However this article will count iOS 9.3 best hidden features.

IOS 9.3 allows a user to hide does not use the official application, even though the whole process is more complex – need to wipe the phone, install the free tools Apple Configurator, and remove a specific package of modules-but it is feasible.

But before you do, should give the officials the opportunity to once again, because many of them have access to new features. For example, the new activity application "exercise" tag to your physical activity data collected.

Apple News has also been modified, new shortcuts can help users to customize the news feed. Simply slide left/right in the article, Apple's algorithm will gradually understand your reading preferences.

Apple's maps are becoming more practical, it can be shown through data from third-party peripheral business services, such as dining and shopping locations.

Apple map also provides a new way of looking at the bus site, you just need to click on the need to view the channels can be.

If you want to modify a picture but keep the original copy is now easier. When you select a picture, can see the copy shortcut at the bottom. Arcade IPhone what to expect changes in SE

System wallet--which Apple Pay to cover interface – get a new shortcut. If you save a credit card or a boarding pass, will appear in the bottom left of the screen related application shortcuts.

IOS is also optimized for keyboard control. Now, you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to read mail, use the space bar to scroll through Web pages is smoother than ever before.

If you want to get back on the main screen of the iPad, iOS now also offers a new shortcut: Command + h. In addition, you can also use Command + SPACEBAR to use Spotlight to search.

IPhone 3D Touch features but also because iOS 9.3 won the new shortcut. For example, when you press the camera application, you can now quickly take self-portraits.

Night Shift is also iOS 9.3 main function, it could improve the iPhone display color temperature at night, reducing screen blue light effect on sleep.

IOS Apple iPhone screen Apple phone system activity exercise

Friday, March 25, 2016

Liu Shi poetry wedding dress 5 sets costing 400W beauty Hao to new heights

On March 20, Nicky Wu, Liu Shi great marriage news has been maxed out each person's circle of friends, especially soulful confession of Nicky Wu at the wedding is stamped a girls heart burst. Confession: I will be obedient, moments are the top-searched list, how happy is the wife of Liu Shi shi! Not only that, is to pull the legendary Nicky Wu, the wedding not in Shishi Liu money, come and have a look!

Nicky Wu, Liu Shi poetry

Nicky Wu, Liu Shi poetry

Most important first thing to say is, of course, the wedding day wedding dress, this dress with a skirt design, top with flower and Pearl inlays, one shoulder chiffon sexy neckline reveals little.

Shishi Liu

Shishi Liu

Retro style veil so 20th century, appear dignified and elegant.

Shishi Liu

Shishi Liu

This wedding dress from Carven,Carven women's artistic director Alexis Martial and Adrien Caillaudaud lead the whole team altogether five programmes were designed for Shishi Liu, finally selected the fourth manuscript. As much as 3 million Yuan.

Wedding custom from Carven, priced at 3 million

Wedding custom from Carven, priced at 3 million

Tucked high heels under his wedding, but also to spend a fortune to build. Swarovski crystals throughout both-nude t high heels, very noble.

Nicky Wu, Liu Shi poetry

Nicky Wu, Liu Shi poetry

Wedding shoes from Jimmy Choo, at $ 25000

Wedding shoes from Jimmy Choo, at $ 25000

Actually exposure photos before the wedding, Liu Shi shi has transformed three sets of wedding dress.

Nicky Wu, Liu Shi poetry wedding photos

Nicky Wu, Liu Shi poetry wedding photos

Founded in 1996, Monique Lhuillier is favoured by many brides wedding brand, Britney Spears in a Monique Lhuillier dress walking into the Wedding Palace. Wedding prices are basically between 6,000-9,000 dollars.

Wedding dress by Monique Lhuillier Spring 2016

Wedding dress by Monique Lhuillier Spring 2016

Wedding is the addition of a wedding dress in tube top style, Liu Shi poems paired with rope neck and sleeve, very 20 's style.

Nicky Wu, Liu Shi poetry wedding photos

Nicky Wu, Liu Shi poetry wedding photos BOY style autumn ceramic muscle handsome makeup

Delpozo founded in 1974 is the Spain brand, Spain wedding brand is characterized by the use of embroidery to create are the greatest Palace temperament, wedding price in 10000 euros.

Wedding dresses from delpozo 2014 collection

Second exposures of the Group wedding, Liu Shi shi put on a pink wedding dress, is very romantic.

Liu Shi poetry wedding photos

Large flower is the most important feature of this wedding, layers of skirt like Princess. Shishi Liu expressed the four sets of wedding dresses are all pettiskirt designs without a tail is the hottest styles, poetry in the mind also has a heart bursting Gong Ju.

Wedding dress from Vera Wang

Traditional Chinese wedding dress is also essential to each bride the wedding dress, Liu Shi shi the Chinese wedding dress more stunning. With silver matching pink instead of the traditional red, looks more modern, stitch hand embroidery sewing also demonstrated the use of materials and unique.

Shishi Liu in Chinese wedding suits

This wedding rose from Guo Pei Fang, and Angelababy wedding Chinese wedding is the same brand of choice, and before that baby Chinese wedding suits offer is 50W, so this attack price wedding dress is not too close to the people.

Chinese wedding dress from a rose Fang Guo Pei custom

Liu Shi poems matching Chinese wedding dress, the hair is worth, many romantic than traditional low bun. Bride bouquets came from life in the hands of only one roseonly, bouquet chose 27 Ecuador top roses, hand-picked by Liu Shi poetry master Preston Bailey wedding package, a total of 27 teams, meaning "wife".

Holding flowers from roseonly

Dressed in a Chinese-style wedding dress links mainly to their parents and serve them tea and start calling MOM and dad, to show their respect.

Liu Shi poetry, Nicky Wu

The blingbling Chinese wedding dress, paired with a pair of high heels also blingbling. Jimmy Choo footwear styles of the best pointed, but chose a Shishi Liu style round-toe heels, look more dignified, compare well with Chinese-style wedding dress.

Wedding shoes from Jimmy Choo, price 5000 Yuan

During the dinner part, and groom cut the cake with sweet, when Liu Shi shi is the beautiful new heights, long skirts with the color of red lipstick, suppress the audience.

Nicky Wu, Liu Shi poetry dinner

Nicky Wu at the dinner aspect also broke the five I want a baby! Everybody wished him success tonight!

Nicky Wu, Liu Shi poetry dinner

The red dress from Alexander McQueen spring/summer 2016 series stereo embroidery is the biggest highlight of the shoulder.

Dinner suits from Alexander McQueen, price 35000

In addition to the above three sets of more formal dress, Liu Shi poetry wedding two days play for two sets of small fresh look. Chinese wedding ceremony after the held a brief press conference, Liu Shi shi chose Dolce and Gabbana dress, after the dinner, wedding links, poetry is also wearing this dress.

Nicky Wu, Liu Shi poetry press conference

This hand-painted fruits and vegetables is one of Dolce and Gabbana's flagship pattern this season, launched a range of dress styles, prices from 1W to 2W.

From Dolce and Gabbana dress, priced at RMB 15000

Small party the night before the wedding, Liu Shi shi also chose a yellow dress, poetry skin white, bright colour lining.

Liu Shi poetry, Nicky Wu

This irregular dress from 1981 setting up women's brand of Carolina Herrera, founder of Carolina Herrera with France and Spain blue blood, so she always shows full of noble.

Dress from Carolina Herrera

Both dressed all in yellow dress and matching is a pair of small white Dolce and Gabbana heels styles look a bit old-fashioned, but should be fit in relative comfort.

Nicky Wu, Liu Shi poetry

High heels from Dolce and Gabbana, priced at 3500

Liu Shi shi clothing alone, Nicky Wu has spent 400W and the wedding guests Nicky Wu is for and not receiving payments! Said Liu Shi shi DE BEERS's custom wedding rings to 1200W, I will loose lips? Nicky Wu at the moment within the OS must be: see who dares to say I dig? Hum (proud face).

DE BEERS Liu Shi poetry wedding ring customized from DE BEERS, Nicky Wu is a wedding six months ago found eternal brand customization.

Liu Shi poetry wedding price Nicky Wu Chinese wedding dress wedding heels

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wearing color eye Millennium show opening makeup in ancient Chinese history

On March 18, leader in the professional make-up ZFC+ hand in hand, China Opera and dance drama theatre in Beijing Jian Yi Jing Yuan held a unique "color eye wear Millennium" creative drama: the collection stage, performance art and makeup show. High specification system of stage equipment and watch the live one, through the Millennium beautiful audience as immersive, amazing.

The rare Visual Feast attracted a lot of media, fashion cafes, all the artists, professional and elite line of cosmetics channel, add some praise. Among them, the highly anticipated is the makeup makeup styling from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony designer-cum-Opera the critically acclaimed stage design at the national level featuring leading masters of Mang San San.

It is reported that the artistic and cultural Interflows spent tens of millions of Yuan level of stage equipment and technology, such as dream-like realm from the universe, Nebula through thousands of years of flying, dimensions of time, space Visual innovation stage dripping out, fascinating. ZFC+ make up the cooperation with the National Opera House, in order to get to the top of the stage effects, at spent nearly 5 million Yuan. "Millennium eye wear" make-up, dancing, props and art forms, are designed by national artist original, and made its first appearance.

"Millennium eye wear" not only analyzes the make-up past and present, and is like a magic mirror, opened Totem in ancient China and the colours show how the pursuit of beauty with time travel to the modern, will bring more people to the wonderful spirit of enjoyment and pleasure.

Makeup is a product of human beauty, times change, the colors change, and psychology of female beauty of ancient and modern. Although makeup images such as Europe, Japan and South Korea lead the fashion trend, but the Chinese nation on the history and culture of color makeup goes back thousands of years. Foreign brands have dominated the image, domestic brand go? development since ZFC makeup stick with quality talk, after dozens of years rewriting the national makeup artist, Star actors and other professionals only with foreign brands history, is now a country of more than 600,000 school of professional makeup artists and many beauty "Queen's counsel" brand. Through years of precipitation and accumulation, ZFC makeup and makeup artists together to create innovation at national level, and for national brand, opening lines of the professional make-up Style and beauty in the world use Chinese makeup, "with achievements in the 39 years the world-level brand" vision one step closer.

Makeup has a long history in ancient China from today the prosperity of Han and Tang dynasties in the course of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, at different times, different natural conditions, under the influence of history and culture, showing makeup of various, colorful and each has its own charm, give people a different aesthetic experience, also for the modern woman's make-up provides a valuable reference materials.

The art culture show highlights many, professional makeup styling experts cum ZFC makeup Chairman Zhao Fucheng Mr starred in important role, China strategy management experts Yang Zonghua Dr, and China Opera dance hospital head of Wu Xuhai, and China Opera dance hospital famous youth director Han Bo, and China Opera dance hospital national level styling designer Fang Xuling, and 2008 games closing clothing design department drawing group leader and the clothing designer Chen Xiaojun, and music producer JI Peng, and total and manpower Tian Minjie, many big Lady are participation creation. Makeup for the first time and stage of romantic encounters, from pregnancy and Totem, ancient, enlightenment heritage 3 textual interpretation, ancient and modern, color world insight insight.

China Opera and dance drama Theater artists, through the performing arts, performance art and makeup show perfect combination offer playing "eye wear of the Millennium", blow out to show the makeup of Chinese historical and aesthetic evolution, reshaping the nation is the world's "on the tall" image. ZFC+ makeup took the lead in establishing the high-end national brands, is expected to lead the domestic line of day make-up brand upgrade.

Cosmetic makeup brand history specializing in the design of the Opera national Kiki make up amorous full feminine lips makeup

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Black burst technology millet 5 lies you further and further from the excellent

Millet 5 "black science" is not black, it just consumer "black science" of the word, but the price rose, 2699 to buy all the "black science" is actually a millet once again to an impact brand premium.

To tell the truth, millet 5 this show didn't get me excited.

Two hours long, while the Lei is still Hale, but fans aren't crazy and scream for a two years ago, everyone was sensible lot. Press Conference before the meditation of my heart, never a 820, never a 820, already bad Street today, Conference competition parameter is an act of very Low, LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge release Shi Xiaolong 820 parameter information is almost in passing, because they have more creative stuff out of pocket. Regrets of is mycophenolate mofetil Dragon 820 still is millet 5 body only of Halo, millet in 1.5 years of time within are just in consider how do marketing, Lei outspoken to told, most time are in wants to how put phone of fast straightforward of performance out, addiction Yu advertising marketing and stunt let millet almost sat real has a phone assembled company of name, also is millet 5 of released let it completely missed has became a great company of opportunities.

Black burst technology millet 5 lies you further and further from the excellent

Millet from Apple, Samsung, they walk far away, again domestically, Huawei has its own chip, OPPO has its own super splash-filled, Nubia to make no border, VIVO dominates mobile HiFi, but millet is still clinging to run, almost no highlights at all, which left the music of this young brand overtaking opportunities. Consumers in price before no loyalty degrees can statements, dang you no core capacity retain user, once has more with price products appeared, user will without kind of abandoned you, and this millet 5 of price has rose to 2699 Yuan, for wants to again from millet body fishing points benefits of fans for, this playing wrong has abacus, future if not change by price and marketing, non-core competitiveness of routine, millet faced of this dilemma only increasingly severe.

Lei clear itself and not much innovation took shots, once again had to sacrifice the old concept, editing word means, at the end of the press conference make "more than more than 10 black technology." Black technology is almost the MWC Conference theme, outbreak of mobile phone manufacturers a variety of black technology, modular battery for LG before G5 after a sensor pixel dual-core Samsung Galalxy S7, is interesting in the MWC2016 field, the OPPO directly compete with millet, to show us what a real homemade black technology.

Above are is real of black technology, but millet 5 of this "more than 10 more than items black technology" is has injection smacks of, to see millet 5 of this ten items black technology: Mycophenolate Mofetil Dragon 820, and UFS 2.0 Flash, and 4 axis anti-shake camera, and 4G+ network, and 16 star lamp province electric highlighted screen, and fast filling 3.0, and full function NFC, and full Netcom 3.0, and 3D ceramic fuselage, and beauty video calls, and offline a key for machine.

Whether millet to black an incomplete understanding of science and technology, but a few "black science" is an insult to the user obviously IQ. The first "4G+" networks already do business with more than half a year, supporting this technology only needs to chip upgrade from chips mycophenolate mofetil 805, 808, mycophenolate mofetil mycophenolate mofetil Dragon dragons 810 and Huawei Hass Unicorn qilin 620, 920, Kirin 930, 950, Kirin A9 can support 4G+. Mobile phone, including music video super phone 1 Pro version Note hat, music Max, millet, millet, 4C, HTC x Style, Nubian Z9 speed One A9,Moto version and iPhone 6/6s version, Nubian Z9 Max speed, supported 4G+ network. It's hard to imagine have been used in iPhone6 technology is used as black by millet technology more than a year, a little more knowledge of network reader can identify its flaws.

Black burst technology millet 5 lies you further and further from the excellent

Offline key replacement? Is I just from Mars back did, this relies on software achieved Android phone information swap early in years Qian on has, for machine Assistant, and Tencent of QQ synchronization Assistant, and eggplant fast biography, and fast teeth, a large number of phone App are has this function, phone aspects Huawei, and Jin also this Qian launched had corresponding of built-in function, so-called of offline for machine just is refers to phone Zhijian since built hot achieved LAN transmission, completely no any threshold, why to millet here on into has black technology?

Mycophenolate Mofetil Dragon 820, and fast filling 3.0: had to said millet stole of hand of good concept, if Qualcomm was millet acquisition has, said mycophenolate mofetil Dragon 820 black technology understandable, Qualcomm as a chip manufacturers, not only sold mycophenolate mofetil Dragon 820 to millet, and it also sold has Le depending on, and LG, and Samsung and follow-up of a big wave domestic brand, this took upstream manufacturers of technology to himself platform of behavior also is black technology words, Fuji Kang line Shang of workers not is all guy? Don't forget they only assemble the phone. Boom in e ink screen technology except the eBook

Fast charge 3.0 is also provided by Qualcomm for mobile phone manufacturers a fast charge technical solutions, suitable for most of the mobile phone using Qualcomm chips. Real quick black OPPO is the independent research and development of science and technology-filled super brand for Flash charging, which is why this year's MWC OPPO virtuoso stand on the world stage, while millet is not.

Xiao long 820 mentioned had to say about Millet called "NET 3.0", as the base provider Qualcomm has never named any so-called "Netcom X.0" this is millet moan, enlarged concept of old traditions. "NET 3.0" exactly what the hell is it? First of all to explain the NET 2.0, Netcom 2.0 which are commonly called blind Netcom, its dual SIM card slot does not have a primary-secondary card, any card slot supports 4G/mobile 4G/Unicom Telecom 4G network 4G mobile/Unicom networks in the Internet, Telecom cards can be used when Deputy cartoons dialect. And secondary card can only use the 2G network. NET 3.0, when you use mobile/Unicom 4G network card, secondary card supports up to Unicom 3G VoIP and 3G currently only supports Unicom, Telecom and mobile no, this function cannot be used to upgrade the one labeled "NET 3.0" name, had to admire millet once again we witness the course of history.

Word-series concept similarly applies to full-function NFC,NFC there are no strangers, then what is meant by full NFC, some manufacturers will be shielding some of the functionality of the NFC, millet 5 full-function just to keep them open, normal NFC-enabled mobile phones can also be implemented through brush. Cell phone acts as a bus cards need corresponds to equipment upgrades, phone as eSE terminal bus cards programme has been implemented, Shenzhen, Shanghai will be the first to support, which is why millet wallet only supports the sz, Shanghai, bought the black technology, if it is two or three cities, estimates mobile retirement hard to use.

Beauty video calls if you also count the black technology, beauty calls you make people a year ago how mobile QQ, rely on software and service support of beauty video MIUI 7 a bright spot, millet 5 can not wait to come out, reveals a lack of innovation.

Talk about other technologies, UFS 2.0 Flash this seemingly very new technology as early as Samsung Galaxy S6 and Meizu Pro 5 who have used, 2016 if the flagship phone in the eMMC 5.0 belong to outdated option, millet 5 list is bound to use UFS Flash 2.0.

4-axis stabilized camera and DTI pixel technology belongs to Sony's technology, and high-throughput as long as using the corresponding chip or the CMOS will share these technologies. And will Shang on took out stressed of materials--ceramic, in a added phone x Shang also has using had, millet 5 and a added x using of ceramic raw materials are is cubic oxidation zirconium, Mo's hardness up to 8.5, shortcomings also obvious--easy broken, and density big, this is why ceramic version millet 5 to than general version weight high out 10 grams of reasons.

Can be seen, millet 5 upstream manufacturers of so-called black technology using either technology, or is someone else's technology, or gimmicky concept continues millet moan, enlarged concept of old traditions. An exaggeration, been a common millet company, just under the siege of many opponents, out of the core technology of millet, some nasty.

Millet 5 hand of "more than 10 more than items black technology" does not black, it just in consumption "black technology" this word, but price is has rose, 2699 Yuan to buy to all of "black technology" actually is millet again to brand premium of once impact, but brand premium not by stunt, and concept or put should to consumers of General technology adapted into several obscure difficult understand of Word on can playing out of, is need by real of constantly learning, and cooperation, and improved, and innovation precipitation out of, millet too worried and forget has exhausted of lessons.

Millet has done, and contrary to the only real black technology and brands go further.

Millet, black Samsung concept mobile Netcom brand Conference of science and technology innovation

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Early fall items featured beautiful print dress

Abstract prints, Super loose sweaters and avantgarde accessories--this season, a poetic and rebellious and unruly style girl. Pastoral dance from the country strolled to the runways, print dress back this season. Retro fascination mixed with 90 's grunge style, the early autumn star personality an unruly yet feminine.

1. OSCAR DE LA RENTA floral print silk wool blend dress $2,851.84

1. OSCAR DE LA RENTA floral print silk wool blend dress $2,851.84

Oscar de la Renta silk wool blend with the color of the dress from fine needlework reinforced hem, all shows on every aspect of marquetry. May wish to follow the runway modeling, this perfect-fitting one-piece dress collocation cage heels and casting metal jewelry.

2. RED VALENTINO floral print taffeta dress $1,414

2. RED VALENTINO floral print taffeta dress $1,414

Wearing a RED Valentino this printed taffeta dress, showing flower prints perfect charm. Wide skirt profile can be sketched out exquisite body, is particularly attractive. It is light, very suitable for party wear, simply rivet clutch bag and matching high heels.

3. LELA ROSE floral embroidered Jacquard dress $2,842.01

3. LELA ROSE floral embroidered Jacquard dress $2,842.01

Lela Rose embroidered Jacquard dress charm and her figure is absolutely trustworthy party items. Metallic color flowers decorate this dress with silk-lined bursting out with dazzling brilliance. Pairing high heels and box-shaped package in hand, to create elegant ladies dress up.

4. RED VALENTINO floral Jacquard mini shift dress $948

4. RED VALENTINO floral Jacquard mini shift dress $948

This floral Jacquard mini straight RED Valentino dress 60 's Twiggy and Mary Quant fashion style. Recommended with flat shoes, build a modern look. May wish to choose the black shoes, make beautiful patterns become the eyes focus.

5.ETRO flowers and soft chiffon print stretch satin dress $2,085 Stick to the technology in the field of Haute

Etro this stretch satin wrap dress with ruching effect, outline Yingying a grip her waist. Might as well go for this mixed print design with neutral color shoes and vintage clutch bag.

Early autumn dress printed flower print dress featured beautiful matching clutch bag

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Light art meets renewable energy performed after Visual Feast

Light art meets renewable energy performed after Visual Feast

  Netherlands nationality Daan Roosegaarde established creative artist and Designer Studio Roosegaarde has launched city "vacuum Tower (smog free Tower) and immersive lighting device" waterlicht ".

MCM iPhone 6 cases

  Inspired by helanjinde Decker-Elshout windmill base, the team in the Netherlands St. Annaland Windlicht Eneco wind farms create new works by combining LED beam and underline the dynamic curves of the beautiful windmills in the sky to show the beauty of green energy, and hope that people will pay attention to the beautiful landscape of helanjinde-Decker.

  Roosegaarde said the data obtained through special software to integrate the thermal imaging camera, using sensors to track the Windmill's blades rotate in order to ensure that the LED beam as the windmill blades continue rotation, causing the two form an ever-changing network of light between the Windmill.

  Local time on March 18, the team to 19th in the Eneco wind farms show Windlicht. MCM iPhone 6 cases

Light art meets renewable energy performed after Visual Feast Light art meets renewable energy performed after Visual Feast Light art meets renewable energy performed after Visual Feast Light art meets renewable energy performed after Visual Feast Light art meets renewable energy performed after Visual Feast Light art meets renewable energy performed after Visual Feast Light art meets renewable energy performed after Visual Feast

[Article correction] MCM iPhone case

Collection is the collection of 1542

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Test of faith Oculus Rift and PC for 1500

Test of faith: Oculus Rift and PC for $ 1500

The middle of this month when Lei Feng network reported that Oculus Rift computer configuration requirements for the virtual reality helmet required, Oculus did not disclose the price of Rift. Recently, in Code Conference meeting, Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe finally gave a more definitive number: Rift and computer adding up the price should be under $ 1500.

Oculus released PC configuration requirements are as follows:

Nvidia GTX 970/AMD 290 level or higher

Intel i5-4590 or higher

8GB memory

Compatible with HDMI 1.3 video output

2 x USB 3.0 ports

Windows 7 SP1 or later

As can be seen, demanding Rift on the video card, and the PC should be configured according to the requirements asking for $ 1000 to 1200. According to the Lei feng's network news after speculation Rift should be $ 200 to $ 400, and now looks likely to rise.

Iribe also disclosed that the company may introduce additional "solutions" and prices will rise further. He is probably referring to some peripheral devices, can make the experience more realistic.

$ 1500 now is 9300, computer configuration if you are high enough, do not look too much like. If you consider changing your computer, might as well according to the above configuration to buy. Really test of faith when, purse ready for it?

Oculus Rift in virtual reality

2553 people voted

Oculus Rift in virtual reality Paul Frank iPhone case

DK1, Oculus DK2 resolutions increased from 640x800 to 960x1080 (up 1920x1080). First generation of products in order to reduce the feeling of dizziness, DK2 OLED using low latency. One of the biggest improvement, believe the DK2 will join a group of detect head movements of the camera, so that players can implement such features as "close" movement, officials said just for this function's optimization team spent a lot of time. In addition, the DK2 gyroscopes, accelerometers and other sensors of the testing frequency will all upgrade to 1000HZ, but the weight will go up to 440 grams. Price was close to the people (although the DK2 still for developers)

View details of the voting >> Paul Frank iPhone 5S case

Paul Frank iPhone 5S case

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Over the knee boots perfect winter cover meat actress legs instantly become

Winter cooling and are afraid to wear too much leg looked bloated should do?. How losing the warm feeling in the legs and can still maintain long lines become sexy, which is something many MM is in distress. Edit today will teach you how to use a fashionable knee high boots go with leggings to wear a modern flavor without legs or lose a warm feeling. Here to go with edit with big stars to learn from.

Over the knee boots perfect winter cover meat actress legs instantly become slender Over the knee boots perfect winter cover meat actress legs instantly become slender

Halle (Halle Berry) laced Red over the knee boots like Halle Berry's temperament, handsome with a hint of a woman's soft and gentle. Black color matching with layering.

Over the knee boots perfect winter cover meat actress legs instantly become slender

Hilary Duff (Hilary Duff), slightly stronger figure of Hillary Clinton this simple dress is very sexy in black and white, perfect body and elegant display. Design simple black leggings with too small boots to make legs look more slender charm.

Over the knee boots perfect winter cover meat actress legs instantly become slender

Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian) nude sense of simple yet stylish stitching coat, topped with black leggings and black leg over the knee boots will be perfect out of the line of the leg. Small heels against the hips more pretty charming.

Over the knee boots perfect winter cover meat actress legs instantly become slender

Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian) black asymmetric suit jacket with a white long base sweater and black leggings with layering. A pair of comfortable flat over the knee boots are full of fashion.

Over the knee boots perfect winter cover meat actress legs instantly become slender

Jessica Simpson (Jessica Simpson leg knee tightening up blue jeans with boots is also very handsome. Army jackets dotted the little fur decorated very pretty fancy.

Over the knee boots perfect winter cover meat actress legs instantly become slender

Black Leopard print sole knee high boots topped with a layer of fur long sexy dress modern stitching leather is very handsome.

Over the knee boots perfect winter cover meat actress legs instantly become slender

Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian) grey leggings with knees on tight leg big boots with layers. Light grey top and Blazer echo the overall tonal harmony. Black scarf with a touch of fashion taste.

Over the knee boots perfect winter cover meat actress legs instantly become slender

Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian) gray suit long jacket with suede detail on big boots to a woman's sensuality and soft, generous perfect show. Balenciaga handbag with a hint of cool feeling, full of charming atmosphere.

Kaoteni·kadaishan (Kourtney Kardashian) little fur coats embellished black bottom gown with leggings full of expensive gas not only adds to the modern atmosphere. Black fine boots for whole body styling to add temperature and stylish charm.

Kanye·weisite (Kanye West) Spartina fur coat with a tube top on black sexy dress a lot of flavor. A loose and comfortable pair of fine black boots paired with skirts revealing half of leg skin appear more attractive.

Salma Hayek (Salma Hayek), five blue sleeve dress waist style charm and taste. Black leather detail big boot as if a pair of sexy leather lingerie legs tighter.

Taylor Momsen (Taylor Momsen) rebellious Diva Taylor grey high heels too small boots are modern in style, with her long, slender legs and Bud Silk Socks full of charm.

Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian), soft leather detail long boots as if integration with the black base sock became one of the feel. Black camouflage sleeveless shirt full of fashion.

Jessica Simpson (Jessica Simpson black boots laced fish mouth with grey on the bottom shirt and suit jacket handsome with a hint of sexy charm. Every match is a beautiful new life

Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian), leather boots and grey leggings with layering. Black shirt jacket with white background at the end of a very stylish, striped silk scarves add a trendy modern charm.

Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie) Angelina black skinny leg pants paired with boots, low-key yet cool.

Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian), over the knee boots topped stockings and dress in sexy leg wear revealing a bit of the skin looked sexy and charming.

Rachel Zoe (Rachel Zoe) detail long boots stacked folds look very stylish, for the whole body with a touch of uninhibited feeling free and easy.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) and knee-length Brown boots are ugly, with a grey skinny leg jeans are more of a fashion. Grey long wool dress topped with Green Velvet straps and large wide-brimmed hat is a sense of charm of a modern girl.

Boots black grey make sexy fashion with modern Kardashian

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The end before adding a red passion aerobic

It brings passionate passion. On the match, red is the most direct and stimulate the most vivid presence, gives a strong visual impact, left a deep impression. As the most visible color, people wearing red can bring beautiful colour. In the legend of "the end" before the Add equipment for your wardrobe, add a touch of red, warm energy released!

Simple woolen cloth coat

Simple woolen cloth coat

Warm and garish red, loose cuff design, generous and simple, delicate black buttons, highlighting a sense of fashion.

Slim skirt coat

Slim skirt coat is very popular this year, which is designed to outline the waist line, coat, so it's not bloated, stitching fur fur collar, milf interpretation of luxury style.

Super Joker Turtleneck knit sweater Miranda Kerr led by Chao Ma Jie wearing wrist

Super Joker Turtleneck sweaters, whether worn alone or put very well, bat-sleeve loose design, simple clothes become not simpler, out of laid-back casual styling.

Twist knitting sweater

Knitted spiral shape, which looks simple and College wind, so be careful in the coffee-colored patches on the elbows, inside take white shirts, retro flavor booster.

Wave stitching lace dress

Wave stitching lace long-sleeved wool dress, hip slim perfect body curves complemented by plum-shaped lace parts, sending out elegant and feminine.

Lace stitching a shirt

Stitching the lace fabric is very elegant, Christmas red is a good choice for a party. Chest very festive bow flattering, lace layered collar design adds a gorgeous sweet.

Popular items recommended

Angry red lace bow dress stitching lace fabric woolen cloth coat long coat

Monday, March 7, 2016

Easy to play in mind colour dating articles

Go like this one: Office wear to show leadership style

Dreamy romantic purple

Mysterious black

Colored cotton gradient

Elegant apricot.

Is fit for the summer break, Oh,

Whether working or shopping appointments is a good choice Oh!!

Easy to play in mind colour dating articles Easy to play in mind colour dating articles

National wind a little hat, together with hemp decoration, show the plain air.

Occupies small space feel free to fold, very convenient.

No matter what with fusion of styles clothing is easy, graceful skirt paired with a lady. Effect is also being said HA

Graceful like the edge of the hat is folded several times, around the slight, more wind-Jazz style.

Small hat elegant yet lovely, Oh, TINGTING enjoyed, and shy, huh

Hat is made by mixing more than six colors of cotton weaving, not only beautiful colors, good match. And the material is relatively soft.

Wearing the second aspect is the edge of the hat is flat, so wearing more casual

Easy to play in mind colour dating articles

Hat detail, works fine. Small delicate handling, very satisfied!

No matter which angle is beauty da da Oh

Easy to play in mind colour dating articles Easy to play in mind colour dating articles Easy to play in mind colour dating articles Easy to play in mind colour dating articles Easy to play in mind colour dating articles Easy to play in mind colour dating articles

Graceful control is nothing short of a pink, so most paper bags were pink.

Try a little black bag. Feels good, Oh

Black looks more texture, fabric PU leather

Feels very good, soft to the touch

Received bag and no taste, looks great!

Princess Diana is of good quality and workmanship is very fine.

Either hand or shoulder

TINGTING love mobile

Work is also very fine, this bag has two sizes to choose from,

TINGTING got the medium size, feels just right.

Capacity is not small, you can put a lot of things.

I feel very convenient

Hee hee TINGTING favorite shoes

To work or shopping is preferred

Not tired

If the apricot

Because apricot picked colour

Can have a little make up graceful yellow skin lol

Big bows

Yes, very much

Sweet dreams style

Is simply one of every girl's favorite

Design of shoes are pointed

So the legs more legs after long Oh hee hee

So usually pretty graceful like pointy shoes

Height is flawed because TINGTING di said 5555555

Slip-resistant rubber sole, this one is good.

For occasional wear high heels to the road wet slips for graceful feet

It was like HA HA, can rest assured to go shopping

Fear yourself haha

Purple dress is soft

Yarn quality is very good, the wind yarn

Very beautiful, Oh

Appointment color play Hat small black hat mix shopping bag