Thursday, February 25, 2016

Pace Wu show you Europe and playing diverse styles

Taiwan female star pace Wu, is known of nine head body beauty, gold proportion everyone envy, and she of wear take skill also very of deep, most love day Department wind Europe wind, regardless of is big simple look also is sweet fresh look, are Align Align hold live no pressure, this period small series specially launched small Wu of private servers diary article, see spring summer alternating of disorder season in, small Wu how deduction out himself of style.

See through lace t-shirt + pink harem pants

See through lace t-shirt + pink harem pants

As if back in the black and white silent films in Europe and America in General, charming elegance of distributed, personal perspective of black tops, delicate lace the outline dotted in the chest, pink harem pants gas strong, gold completely revealed.

Oversize striped shirt + White yarn quality doll dress

Oversize striped shirt than a perfect tailoring and minimalist design, so no swelling, sweet little details and concert doll white dress of yarn quality, atmosphere and fresh American look of natural deduction.

Brown shiny t-shirt + black skirt leggings

Atmospheric Brown t-shirts, low-key sequins to break the dreary, delicate little trim around the neckline, women temperament fully distributed, with a mass of black yarn on Tutu leggings, Black Swan, sense, elegant and charming.

Shoulder ombre t-shirt + mini denim shorts

Stunning gradient t-shirt, intriguing art design fashion, small Pearl dot-dots on each shoulder, rich and sweet, and matching mini denim shorts on, small sweet sexy temptation.

Striped t shirt + lace pettiskirt

Cool black and white striped shirt, close cropped and the simple elegant design is very big in Europe and America feel, with a white lace pettiskirt on, show the dream Princess wind, romantic and refreshing combination of quality and fresh.

Pink chiffon dress

Pace Wu has lost models, dressed in a sweet pink chiffon shown attractive women feel, simple design and easy tailoring and casual with aristocratic temperament, sweet feel endless distribution. Super in love with several luxury

Striped plush shirt + White chiffon skirt

Pure blue-and-white striped shirt, with a touch of art college fan, plush soft texture and fresh, with a white chiffon dress, light little skirt shows literary and Oxford shoes and black box items, really like a college girl does.

Striped two piece suit + nine minutes of hemming jeans

Pace Wu preference for the College fan of England, crisp black and white striped t shirt retro shirt White, deep aromas of fresh College temperament, white hem nine Cowboys natural, casual, thin and crisp as a whole.

Pink oversizeT Shirt + Pink umbrella

So sweet girl feel match, pace Wu, without pressure, oversize doll t-shirt simple design, classy lines printing more romantic feeling, matching nude pink chiffon skirts, beautiful long legs.

Pace Wu Europe and match private clothing pink stripe pink day fun

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