Sunday, February 21, 2016

Counting Uncle temperament to wear take the necessary popular watches

Favorite mechanical of xiaobian Uncle integrates several tables if there are irregularities in the table to give criticism, if you want to know with small mechanical watch please pay attention to the end. On the screen in addition to a wave of small meat on PA-screen mode other than a group of such mature quality Uncle make women crazy. The uncle, but it is not those slovenly men, nowadays, it is more likely a delicate piece of middle-aged men. They tend to have a certain amount of experience but not slick, composed, calm temperament and easy, very personable. But Deke also will work well together, a good watch for you itself well.

, The role of Uncle wearing watches

First, the uncle who had to clear, not everyone can be called uncle, in addition to a fitted dress, let your grace and outside the body, a mechanical watch is will boost your aura. As the proverb says, a man three things, belts, shoes and watches. Visible in the video, in addition to traditional dress category, we should watch to enhance the taste, and can serve as a miniature craft watches, uncle many favor a plus.

Er, uncle who wears what's reason

Uncle who wears what's reason first of all must be for your own temperament and maturity, because giving a calm temperament; the men before, often need accessories to enhance the charm of the confusion between and than clothing, a proper watch better demonstrate your thoughtfulness, generosity, responsibility and motivation drive. Therefore, if your wrist lacks a list of words will make people feel a sense of time is not strong, the lack of responsibility and so on bad impression, how can you be called Uncle heart warming?

Three, for Uncle wearing watches

Impression that the uncle who was generous and boyfriend full power, so the fit ND remember too small for the selected table style, generally speaking, 40-44mm ND mechanical watches is the most desirable. Design elements should be dominated by plain simple. Uncle's philosophy book, and remember or follow, do not follow the simple, free is good.

(1) recommend style: Omega Seamaster

Recommended reasons: yacht-like elegant, laid-back atmosphere, taking into account the activities required for the internal functions of waterproof, shockproof. Both inside and outside the uncle in full compliance with the decency and generosity of spirit.

(2) recommended two styles: Panerai series

Recommended reasons: large exclusive, men charismatic Uncle how can it lacks such a man and explosive mechanical watch, new ceramic case, bring the conflict between light and strong experience, quality growth, glory is infinite.

(3) the recommended style 3:0 Portugal 7 series 2016SIHH Parma Johnny TONDA dual Chronograph Watch

Recommended reasons: the uncle preferred mechanical watches tend to look flat at the beginning, look emerges the true charm of Portugal 7 beautiful Super strength close to Uncle diamond quality, simple design lines, and to wear their uncle's elegant temperament to yours.

(4) the recommended four styles: the Lange 1815 series

Why: the thin table brings rich experience, to dress the table to its original position of Langer, uncle most suited to dress to wear, a table in hand, powered up several times!

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