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Yohji Yamamoto accepted the United States raise objections

Fashion Japan designer and head of a wave. Yohji Yamamoto: Chinese designers can walk and Japan designers in different way. Yohji Yamamoto: I think some of the big East is a popular design as designers, should not be influenced by fashion and tendencies, this is very dangerous.

Yohji Yamamoto accepted the United States raise objections

Fashion Japan designer and head of a wave. His concise and full of flavor, smooth lines, anti-fashion design, is known for its men's good. 1966 graduated Yu celebrates should meaning sook University method faculty, 1969 graduated Yu culture clothing College design section, 1972 established himself of Corporation, and in Tokyo, and Paris, and New York clothing section Shang released works, 1999 won 18th session CFDA international award, zhihou served as Dolls, more Department television works of clothing design; was grant French Republic national credit Medal (2005), United Kingdom once Art Association Honorary Royal Designer Medal (2006), Artistic cultural merit, Commander of the French Republic (2011), honorary doctor of the University of the Arts London (2008); publication of TALKING TO MYSELF (2002), MY DEAR BOMB ' (2011).

I am the mother of a man, and the family was very poor, although I appreciate that kind of situation, but deep in my heart the image of women was misrepresented, both love and hatred in my heart. Women came from the front, I couldn't look, I have to stagger the line of sight, and her back when I went, but I want her to stop, so when I was designing clothing, attaches great importance to this figure.

On March 28, Japan fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto's visit 2012 China fashion Forum. Allegedly, after 5 years spared no effort to invite the sponsor, and finally to master, his insights on a forum. As the Forum is co-organised by the media, the newspaper interview with the Yohji Yamamoto. All titles aside, this is a year for the last seven years old.

Compared with other elderly, Yohji Yamamoto's greatest features is "cool". Dressed in black clothes, smoking hand, long hair and trademark moustache have started white, but still firmly maintain the trend of fashion and uncompromising. Because he of not compromise, has been in fashion circle suffered dispute, around has been around with against of voice, and mountain this Yao Division is said, is against of voice let he go to has today, but get has medal Hou is found no can play skills of place has, "was tube I called master, zhihou I suddenly on lost has direction, I not know I the do what has......" Opening of the China fashion week Spring Summer

In the real world, philosophy of his Maverick mind full of charm, is full of contradictions. His brand has many twists and turns, is like no other "masters" that wealth, it was felt that he had not been successful, but, in his view, his success is different from ordinary people--he has achieved success, that success is: through clothing to show their opinions.

I never created the popular design and business

Reporter: your designs are called "no ethnic differences without borders" design, how do you understand?

Yohji Yamamoto: I don't like pop, also don't like to always put the protection of traditional culture and the like. Keep national characteristics is a conservative approach, and I hope I can break them. Absorb the culture of various parts of the world, do you want to design.

Reporter: working in the fashion industry, but you hate pop, fashion, why is that?

Yohji Yamamoto: a lot of people think fashion is popular this season fashion is fashion, everyone is so misunderstood. I personally never create something popular, my attitudes toward pop has always been against, I am against the popular and the stylish people. So naturally, I never through fashion of Sun Avenue, but go bridge, that is, I impossible has a is big of market, impossible has let people happy of sales, himself production of clothing, in a season in can sold to part, for Xia a quarter of fashion buy fabric, can to related staff sent wage, on I for, as long as can maintained running on can has.

Reporter: you are a person who likes to do subtraction, design, life is so?

Mountain this Yao Division: does, I in life aspects is a do subtraction of people, like I as long as has a students live of hostel, has a Zhang bed, all of work are can in bed Shang completed, like above has TV, can reading, can smoking, can water, this life on I for is a ideal of life, if on these place bored has, I may as long as has a package on can moved. Say smaller is a habit, is said to have an idea, a way of thinking. But I am not just a subtraction of designers, designers are artists, today considered a thing of beauty to present their opposing views, it is the artist's mission, I still believe it now, and do my work under this premise. As a result, this is a rebellion, by rebels to make a contribution to society, this is the fate of the artist, or is the ideal state of the artist. So, in a sense, you have to do special things like that, because you have to cast doubt on reality, to create their works on this basis.

Young designers you will be the legacy of

Reporter: Japan has many well-known designers, what do these experiences of Chinese designers learn from?

Yohji Yamamoto: Chinese designers can walk and Japan designers in different way. Japan designers themselves better, more fashionable, creation is the subtraction of the Japanese, the Chinese can do addition. Chinese designers of traditional Chinese aesthetics, whether buildings or other areas are combined, together with China and the United States, making gorgeous clothes, this is a very big success.

Reporter: many large brands have launched Chinese elements of design, people exclaim "China Times" to come, this is a boon to Chinese designers?

Yohji Yamamoto: I think some Oriental design is a popular Louis Vuitton, GUCCI, as designers, should not be influenced by fashion and tendencies, this is very dangerous. Designers must have constantly running through their faith, to create with their own hands. If you've been thinking about hands doing things is the last legacy left to, bit by bit, works fine, must be able to impress the world.

Reporter: when you go from Japan to Paris, more designers are now "going out", what do you think of this?

Yohji Yamamoto: Japan's young people now are actually facing the same problem: first Japan store will not sell Japan designers, boutiques will not purchase Japan designers, young designers need to do business, it is necessary to form a 8-10 combination to Paris or Milan, concentrated works exhibition, and orders. Now global clothing sales structure, not to say that you get your order sent out cargo also sell after stock and recover costs, young designer difficult to achieve this. International exhibitors also needs the support of sponsors. I think China's young fashion designers have also encountered the same situation. Japan to peer education and mutual assistance in the future, go hand in hand with foreign participation.

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