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SIHH 2016 before the show to watch the good product preview

26th the SIHH in Geneva Salon (SIHH) coming this year due to added 9 independent watchmaking brand, would have been a more brilliant. It is said that suddenly added 9 independent watchmaking brands, is to revive the market for Switzerland confidence of Haute Horlogerie, had, after all, long time no hear Switzerland watchmaking good news; others say, is a new layout, the Group wanted to hand Switzerland top independent watchmakers. But no matter what, as a normal table fan, 9 the extraordinary creativity of watchmaking brands to join SIHH, I think there will be a lot of surprises this year.

Langer--1815 Tourbillon limited edition

SIHH 2016 before the show to watch the good product preview

Lange 1815 Tourbillon watch Handwerkskunst

As the Richemont group, one of the leading manufacturers of precision clocks, Langer and every year new products, always attracted the most professional look. This year the SIHH, is known, Langer will exhibit an 1815 Tourbillon limited edition watch, known as the "1815 TourbillonHandwerkskunst", where "Handwerkskunst" is long since 2011 Special watches for naming, and Langer has been in use ever since the complex series of "Pour Le Metier" has the same meaning, in 2014 issued Lange Series 1 Tourbillon Handwerkskunst watches.

SIHH 2016 before the show to watch the good product preview

Until now all lang Handwerkskunst watches

1815 Tourbillon Handwerkskunst watches limited edition of 30 pieces, its Tourbillon with two patented structure, and hence the Tourbillon can stop seconds zero, this Lange outstanding technical ingenuity. In addition, the watch was released in the end of 2015, was the founder in order to pay tribute to Brown, as well as Germany advanced watchmaking pioneers made the 200 anniversary of Mr adaofu·langge, 18K gold casing, equipped with Tremblage shaped carving sandblasting effect of black rhodium plated 18K rose gold dial.

Abby--Royal Oak perpetual calendar 18K Gold Edition

Years calendar has been yilai is love he of strengths, since brand founding zhiqian, founder Jules Louis Audemars will has making has a gold years lasted meter, 20th century early, love he of years calendar pocket watch to rich, 1955, love he launched with leap year displayed of years calendar wrist table series, 1978 launched global most thin automatically Shang chain years calendar wrist table, equipped with 2120 movement, thereafter love he will years calendar application Yu its the big series, 1984, Designed by Jacqueline Dimier's first Royal Oak perpetual calendar watches came out, originally published in 279, 229 used gold. In 2015, the 140 anniversary of the founding of the brand, Abby out 4 (two steel both rose gold) slim calendar wristwatch.

SIHH 2016 before the show to watch the good product preview

In 2016, Abby return to the initial calendar design, launched the 18K ultra thin gold perpetual calendar watches, with a 2012 case size 41 mm diameter case after the reform, 2120 built-in development movement of ultra thin calendar movement 5134. The movement in addition to calendar functionality, and extremely accurate moon phase of romanticism, and its number of weeks 52 weeks indicates that the function, even if such a complex, watch with 40 hours of storage.

Vacheron Constantin-the artist legend ornament

SIHH 2016 before the show to watch the good product preview

2016 SIHH watch Vacheron Constantin Fabuleux Ornements

Masters of the art of Vacheron Constantin series, is not only a brand of mechanical arts and craft treasures of the fusion of different cultures, is the pinnacle of craftsmanship. In the masters series, there is a very unique branch--Fabuleux Ornements, the branch has also been translated as "legendary decoration" means. The branch in 2014 at the SIHH launched the first set of "decoration" watches, outstanding decoration including mainly consists of large open fire enamel, precious stones inlaid, carved, combined with precious materials such as mother-of-Pearl, diamonds, precious metals, precious stones, pearls, showing four different cultural art of Ottoman architecture, embroidery of China, India and the France lace charm.

SIHH 2016 before the show to watch the good product preview

2014 SIHH watch Vacheron Constantin Fabuleux Ornements

In 2016, Vacheron Constantin will once again come out with the same four arts and culture as its theme "legends decoration" watches, to more of them, every theme released without rendering technique, making it glow with beautiful art flavor. Each watch limited edition of 20 pieces, only in the Vacheron Constantin boutique sale.

Earl--MEMS new journey

In 2014, the Earl introduced the world's thinnest mechanical watch 900P, innovative ultra-thin mechanical structure of an unprecedented, which became one of the most popular watches. Thought that the legend will add new features, or use decorative arts again, unexpectedly, the SIHH in 2016, the count will display a new, unexpected mechanical and electronic watches 700P. The launch of the watch, brand launched to celebrate the 1976 first-made quartz movement 7P 40 years of micro electro-mechanical masterpiece made special, limited edition of 118.

SIHH 2016 before the show to watch the good product preview

The watch is so special about, although the use of mechanical structures and its key oscillating system, using electronic control technology. The form, as well as Seiko Spring Drive, output by the barrel, gear, internal coil for power generation, thus Quartz Oscillators with small amount of electricity, frequency of the quartz oscillator with 32768Hz, then the regular frequency into gear as the quartz movement, ultimately. It has the advantage of using Quartz Oscillators, extremely precise, while retaining the heritage represented by the manufacturing process and the unique meaning of mechanical watches.

LeCoultre--Reverso85 containing time

In 1931, the LeCoultre introduced Reverso designed specially for the polo match Flip's watches, nobody thought that was only designed to protect the glass table turnover structure, today has become the benchmark of the brand's products, became a classic. Today, 85 years later, Reverso a series becomes a square model of watch for, not only have complex functionality, and elegant appearance, both men's watches are dress watches, have become the darlings of the market.

SIHH 2016 before the show to watch the good product preview

In the upcoming SIHH, LeCoultre Reverso series will feature three new dual time zone Watch (there are two classic), are two-sided disc design, that is, a movement with two sets of time display system. Three watches, displayed a positive with a 24-hour watch, a positive common three-PIN style, there is a positive for the watch calendar moon phase function.

Officine Panerai--Radiomir 1940 PAM655

SIHH 2016 before the show to watch the good product preview

Officine Panerai was a table altar myth, was the only other movement what's price is higher than use their movement watches price brands, due to the interesting sides and a variety of strap becomes most enjoy high-end luxury brands. 2016 the upcoming SIHH, Panerai introduced a white disk, Radiomir watch 1940 series of Arabic numerals hour markers, equipped with automatic movement P4000,3-day power.

Kingdoms of the Earth-big fly and the Aquatimer takes off HUBLOT Yu watch firms join hands in Yue minjun

SIHH 2016 before the show to watch the good product preview

Universal earlier, we introduced a special new law, that is in accordance with the series of yearly releases new, 2012 is the pilot year, the main pilot form, year of 2013 is an engineer, the main push Ingenieur, 2014 Aquatimer watch years, main dive tables, 2015 is Portugal years, hit Portugal series. But since Portofino put the watch launch in late 2014, the law would have been a bit of a mess. Last year hit Portugal series, but Portofino mount watches are no less, and this year should be the pilot year, the Aquatimer is still the main product.

At the current session on the SIHH, universal will exhibit a variety of pilot's Watch, one of the 55 mm super small three pin pilot table has become a focus of public, only for a glimpse of their true colors. At the same time there are multiple sizes and different functions of pilots table, waiting for release. Launch in 2014, the new watch Aquetimer, also have new works on display this year.

Cartier-6 new

In recent years, senior Cartier watches and jewelry watches growth rate is amazing, in high-end watch brand of the year, few as they Cartier every year new and constantly, and there quite a lot. In 2016, Cartier led again 6 new works, unveiled at the SIHH, of course, this is just before the show preview, estimate when Cartier will have more good works.

Van Cleef Albemarle--poetry

Since Van Cleef Albemarle complex series of poetry was born, with excellent design and ingenious way of time, achieved a wonderful wonderful time again and again. So far we may still remember those romantic poetic watches, such as bridge, poetry lovers in Paris one day. During the SIHH watch fair this year, Van Cleef Albemarle will once again play an infinity of creative design skills, put the time in the clouds, butterflies and swallows indicates the time for us. With an oval-shaped gear, watches hidden inside three butterflies, in their respective areas within minutes and start at 8 o'clock position of the button, you can let all three Butterfly fluttering on the dial, again after a few seconds will be hidden below the clouds, show the correct time. Bottom of the swallows, the wings indicate hours, per 12-hour retrograde back to their own dots, indicating hours again.

MONTBLANC – continue front

MONTBLANC since launch in 2014 class inheriting perpetual calendar watches, watch explores the middle layers of complex function become hot after Mont Blanc seems to have found a new path of development, these two years, have been made to try and harvest. At the SIHH, MONTBLANC will continue this front, will feature a Selite based movement of the perpetual calendar Chronograph, steel prices are only a little more than 10,000 United States dollars or man Super complex, will become the most functional watch. In addition, MONTBLANC will also introduce a time traveler series Tourbillon Chronograph and Lite calendar wristwatch.

Celebrities – Clayton calendar time

Celebrities are only scored under Richemont mid-market brand, although its quality is very good, but for a long time, there is no independent movement, complicated functions using basic movement and function modules in the form of stand upper midrange market circle, maybe this is its location. This year the SIHH, famous Kerry will exhibit a series of annual calendar Chronograph and moon phase function, can be considered a complex function watch, calibre 7750 modified.

Independent watchmaking brand

Henry admires the Swiss Apl Watch

When Henry admires the concept of perpetual calendar watch

MB&F LM101

HYT H2 watches

So far, only a handful of independent watchmaking brand revealed will be exhibiting at this year's new products, including Parma Johnny, when Henry admires, such as MB&F, HYT, still have a lot of other brands did not disclose new SIHH information.

Watch SIHH calendar series calendar brand movement watch Langer

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