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Senior wine experts teach you wine match

White wine with white meat, red wine with red meat, it has become the unwritten rule of wine with food. GH you ask, does it have to do so?

Senior wine experts teach you wine match

Five senior wine experts for you to discover.

Grand Hyatt Beijing Australian guest taster:


For me, there is only one principle, and that is taste. Taste of food and wine taste closer you can match. This seems to cover the light white meat with a light white wine, heavy red meat with a thick red wine, but, more than that.

Senior wine experts teach you wine match Senior wine experts teach you wine match

White wine (White Wine)

The difference between white wine and red wine, is to have separation of Peel. White wine with meat, white grape variety, as skin is green is red, it doesn't matter, because it is removed leaving only juices for fermentation brewed. Most pigment found in the Peel, so white yellowish color from colorless to pale yellow with green, light yellow, straw-yellow, golden yellow, amber yellow.

White wine is clear and transparent, sweet and refreshing, fragrant. Although not necessarily confined to the mix "white meat", but for light cuisine are undeniable. So, if is the Western head of salad mix, people often pick up a bottle of white wine.

Recently by internal heat spoiled Australia white wines, Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc a fruity, entrance is sweet, with a selection of seafood is still don't have to worry about, of course, you can try a new creation.

Senior wine experts teach you wine match

Dew of God wine, General Manager:

Tang Zewei (Xavier Tondusson)

As we all know, is famous for producing rosé wines of Provence, in the French view, rosé wine is a happy wine, is to share with friends. Usually red sauce with red wine sauce with white wine, rose red wine called collocation method is as follows:

Rosé wines more fruit than tannin, round and soft, so have a lot of food, you can fish, beef, noodles, vegetables, salad and mix. Many Chinese cuisines, bittersweet taste is not the same, all the dishes after all. This time need a bottle of rosé wine. No matter how taste, cold dishes or hot food, you can go very well.

Good rosé wine 3-5 drink is no problem, but wine is need to bottle within 2 years. Because of the fresh taste of rosé wine will decrease over time, fruit will develop into preserves.

Senior wine experts teach you wine match Senior wine experts teach you wine match

Rosé wines (Rose Wine) 2012 spring public into cutting edge fashion point

Rosé wines fall somewhere in between red and white wines. Selection of red meat and white wine grapes, juice after a short period of fermentation to achieve color separation of pomace, and then continue to juice fermentation, so pink or rosy, pink colour. Rosé wine is clear and soft, full of fruit, fresh and elegant taste. Mix a bit of spicy cuisine is very fitting Chinese.

Provence rosé wine, as always, is located in the choice of pink at the top, while in Provence local people enjoy is one of the largest glass of rosé wine, bite the bread and spread local olive paste, revel in the lavender incense ... ...

Senior wine experts teach you wine match

France, President of the Bordeaux wine industry association of the original:

Blaps Pi Aier • Dragon (Pierre Piron)

France proverb says: "open a bottle of France wine is like opening a book. "In France, wine is generally one meal, this is because of the limited content of the meal a meal: appetizer, main course, dessert, at most, with cheese. This three or four with a wine-like things, are not too difficult. Certainly, about is of to in different of steps distribution different of wine: head disc General taste light, and cold mostly, most distribution to dry white wine or light points of red wine; main dish of about on complex has, basic of principles is ' liquor distribution white meat, wine distribution red meat '; dessert general distribution slightly sweet is of wine; usually, cheese is must to distribution to strong some of wine.

Senior wine experts teach you wine match Senior wine experts teach you wine match

  Red wine (Red Wine)

Red skin, the juice is fermented into wine. Pericarp pigment and tannin in soluble in wine during the fermentation process, natural colour Ruby Red, purple-red, Garnet red, dark red. Red wine heavy, slightly acidic astringent, much stronger than white wine, there will always be used on a Western-style dishes.

Free ear famous Bordeaux wine makers distribution for a variety of dishes, play room is very large.

Senior wine experts: He Nong

Wine amorphous law. What what kind of cuisine, also personal taste, rather than principles. Principle, which is what you think of this dish and the wine to match up very well! Just like a painting, a sculpture, and everyone praised the art, of course, but most are different, different people work.

Sweet wine

Thick, heavy, sweet liqueurs, this is due to increased oil added during distillation of wine grapes, and stopped before it converts sugars into alcohol fermentation. Typically, with a dessert after a meal, or with cheese.

France Manager of a Beijing food Association:

Thunder (Alexandre Remy)

If it was me, then I will be based on a number of occasions and the dishes to go with wine. In General, business meeting, if it is a red meat, most I would match Bordeaux or Rhone Valley red wine, if it is dominated by seafood dishes, I would choose Burgundy white wine, or light and rich fruit aromas of red wine, like Beaujolais or the Loire Valley wine. If it is a friend, I suggested you can choose cheaper wine (Vin de pays). If you are dating, Alsace wine slightly sweet flavor and a nice bottle of shape is flattering, Provence rosé wine, of course is also a good choice. Mix desserts, most still choose champagne to balance the sweetness. In fact, I want to say is, Provence rosé wine with rich fruit flavor, its prominent feature is the neutral, suitable for matching with the factions of Chinese cuisine.

Champagne (Champange)

Champagne is the pride of the French, but also the pride of wine. In fact, champagne in the wine side dishes are also worth to be proud of. Because the champagne on the table nengwennengwu, and meat and vegetables have no taboos. Can be used as an aperitif mix snack before a meal also could vary throughout the meal.

Which not only by his looks, but because champagne does have a lot of taste of unique advantages. First of all, with white wine as raw material mix into almost all of the champagne has a very refreshing acidity, appetizers, and fresh.

In addition, the bubbles in Champagne Pearl slide and meticulous, but also provide strong support for Champagne taste structure.

Yes, sure. To say perfect, certainly not belong to foie gras.

Rosé wines white wine grape wine with red wine connoisseur

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